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Rob Eberle Releases Incredible New Single “ILYM”: An Indie-Pop Ballad of Love’s Complexity

by Jonathan Currinn
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Rob Eberle, the emerging singer-songwriter from Long Island, NY, has unveiled his latest single “ILYM”, this week, which has been released via Earthprogram/Virgin Music. This debut release on this record label, marks another significant milestone for Eberle, following the success of his previous track “Half Of You“, released earlier this year. Both songs are set to be a part of his forthcoming EP, “Collateral Damage”.

“ILYM”, short for “I Love You More”, is a heartfelt exploration of the concept of love and conflict, portraying the varied feelings that are wrapped around such emotions. It is beautifully captured through poignant lyrics and haunting melodies. Eberle’s music delicately navigates this theme, offering listeners a profound and resonant experience.

Single cover artwork for "ILYM" which sees Rob Eberle on his knees outside at night, screaming at the sky, wearing a black jumper and blue jeans.

Written by Blake Stokes and Rob Eberle, with the former producing the track while it has been mixed by Andrew Castillo, “ILYM” captures Eberle’s sweet, crisp male vocals and bounces a pop-ballad beat with dark undertones to truly capture the story. Full of heart and soul, this rising indie-pop singer-songwriter completely impresses with his strength, vocal soul, and effortless ability to draw listeners in from the very first note.

The dance beat kicks in for the second verse creating a deep dark pulsating rhythm that reflects perfectly to the story of the song matching the conflict that Eberle is expressing throughout this track. His lyrics bring forth the ups and downs of love and how that passionate feeling can rule your emotions and make you spiral without even knowing it. Relatable to all, this heart-felt pop-ballad allows the listener to interpret the track in their own personal way, identifying with the lyrics and feeling every word.

As Eberle continues to make his mark in the music industry, this brand-new single stands as a testament to his creativity and ability to capture life’s moments through music. Eberle is set to continue to release more music with this track officially paving the way for his forthcoming EP titled “Collateral Damage”. Also, expect a music video, for this track, to be dropped soon, he recently released a visual for “Half A Heart” and we can’t help but say that it is a stunning and faultless video, a total must-watch.

“ILYM”, by Rob Eberle is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via earthprogram and Virgin Music.

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