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“Wish You Hell”: Red Velvet’s WENDY Unveils Extremely Empowering Second EP

by Jonathan Currinn
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WENDY, the renowned main vocalist of the K-pop sensation Red Velvet, has unveiled her highly anticipated second solo EP, titled “Wish You Hell”, marking another milestone in her solo career. The EP, released through SM Entertainment and distributed globally by Virgin Music Group, promises a captivating musical journey for fans worldwide. It acts as the follow-up to her collaboration with MeloMance on the single “Miracle”.

Official album artwork for "Wish You Hell" which is a close-up of WENDY's face wearing the American Football helmet.

Featuring six mesmerising tracks, “Wish You Hell” showcases WENDY’s unparalleled vocal prowess and artistry. The title track, characterised by its infectious pop melody and rhythmic guitar accompaniment, serves as a powerful anthem of self-discovery and empowerment. With lyrics that explore bidding farewell to societal expectations and embracing one’s authentic self, the song resonates deeply with listeners.

Vocals on point during the title track, WENDY stuns with “Wish You Hell”, driving the catchy hook and delivering with fierce emotion with honesty and integrity while also bringing this fun vibe to the song’s lyrics. A music video was dropped alongside the release of the EP for the title track, which sees WENDY perform in a church at a funeral where she’s seen as both a mourner and the person in the coffin. She later is seen in a red and black warped room that brings a hellish-inspired theme, before ending the video at a gymnasium where it’s the night after the high school dance and the gym is littered with balloons, drinks, and banners.

Accompanying the title track is a diverse range of musical offerings which effortlessly showcase this K-pop sensation’s versatility and why she’s one of the hottest rising K-pop female singers in the world, right now. Each song on the EP exudes WENDY’s signature warmth and sincerity, inviting listeners into a world of pop escapism.

The second track on the EP is “His Car Isn’t Yours”, which allows this incredible K-pop star to shine vocally as we’ve come to expect from her when she releases a pop ballad. Beautiful poetic lyrics bring this track to fruition as she floods the song with her soulful emotion that sends chills to us as listeners every single time.

This leads on to “Best Ever”, a song that has a melodic R&B-pop twist that sprinkles in some pop-rock too with authentic guitar rhythms and addicting drum beats. Her voice brings a R&B ballad feel to the track, giving a heartfelt essence to the lyrics. Easily a standout track on the EP with the brass instruments adding an uplifting dynamic to her sweet passionate vocals as she doubles down on the feeling of love within the lyrics and the incredible connection she has with the person she’s in a relationship with.

The fourth track on the EP is “Better Judgement” which starts stripped back with acoustic guitar strums taking the lead as WENDY’s gorgeous vocals take the spotlight. Full of soul and warmth, WENDY doesn’t hold back, making sure every word hits us deep inside as she sings about her youth and young love.

Next up is “Queen Of The Party” which is a bop and a half as WENDY launches into a beaty pop song that truly showcases the queen that she is. Definitely a track for introverts, this incredible K-pop star sings about spending time to herself, feeling free, dancing the night away, alone, and being able to do whatever she wants, independently. A fun-filled track that reminds us all that being an introvert and liking one’s own company isn’t a bad thing at all. Addicting, memorable, and highly relatable, “Queen Of The Party” is undoubtedly our favourite track from the EP, it just stands out for all the right reasons—plus we’re introverts too!

The EP wraps up with the final track “Vermilion”, which is a powerful track both instrumentally and vocally. WENDY impresses with her sweet falsettos, vocal runs, and undeniably passionate voice. Connecting with the song effortlessly, we truly feel every single word she sings. It’s a strong statement track that ends the EP in an unforgettable way, encouraging the listener to listen to all six tracks all over again—which we certainly will be doing.

“Wish You Hell” follows hot on the heels of Red Velvet’s third full-length album, “Chill Kill”, released just four months prior. The group’s recent European tour garnered widespread acclaim, with their headline concert at London’s OVO Arena Wembley earning accolades from the likes of The Guardian who gave the show five stars and stated it was “a mesmerisingly perfect K-pop extravaganza”.

Promotional photo for "Wish You Hell" which sees WENDY in an empty school classroom, standing at the front near the chalkboard, looking over her shoulder at the camera.

WENDY’s solo debut mini-album “Like Water” was released in April 2021 and marked a remarkable success, topping the iTunes Top Album Chart in 33 regions worldwide. Beyond her musical pursuits, WENDY has ventured into musicals, festivals, variety shows, and radio hosting. Notable highlights include her being cast in the role of “I”—the narrator—for the 10th anniversary of the musical “Rebecca”, her appearance on the Lunar New Year special “Song Stealer”, and her current role as a judge on Mnet’s “Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival”.

With its compelling blend of emotive melodies and empowering lyrics, “Wish You Hell” reaffirms WENDY’s status as a formidable solo artist in the global music scene.

“Wish You Hell”, by WENDY, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via SM Entertainment.

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