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Warbreaker’s Rise: Troy Osgood Unleashes Apocalypse in Book 1 of The Connected System Series

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a riveting new addition to the fantasy world, author Troy Osgood has recently unveiled his brand new novel, “Warbreaker’s Rise”, marking the compelling start to The Connected System series. Independently published on March 5, 2024, the book is set to capture readers across a variety of formats, including E-Book and Paperback, while the Audio Book was released a day later.

Troy Osgood is a New Hampshire-born-and-raised author who continues to captivate audiences with his fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure-thriller series. With “Warbreaker’s Rise”, Osgood expands his collection of serialised literature, delivering an enthralling initiation to The Connected System series.

Official book cover for "Warbreaker's Rise", the first book from The Connected System series, which sees a muscly man wielding a fiery axe.

The Connected System has come to Earth, bringing with it the apocalypse…

In an instant, life as it was known is gone, replaced by a System called The Connection. It doesn’t come quietly as earthquakes rock the planet, the chosen survivors falling unconscious as the Connection takes their bodies and Adapts them.

Lochlan Brady and his family were on their way home from a camping weekend when the Connection appears. He awakens with a new Adapted body, finding his wife missing. Now Loch must survive and thrive in this new world with his two teenage daughters, Harper and Piper. All Loch wants to do is protect his daughters and find his wife.

A chance encounter with creatures straight out of myth will force the family to quickly confront the reality of their new lives, the changed world and give Loch a jump in power. But with that power will come responsibility and more danger.

Along with the attention of some of the most powerful beings in The Connected System.

Don’t miss the start of this epic LitRPG Apocalypse series from the bestselling author behind Sky Realms Online. This action-packed System invasion series features a father forced to survive this new world while also protecting and building a new home for his family.

It’s perfect for fans of Defiance of the FallLife in Exile, and Apocalypse: Generic System. Grab your copy today!

Blurb of Warbreaker’s Rise (Book 1 of The Connected System) by Troy Osgood

Osgood’s latest release, “Warbreaker’s Rise,” is already making waves in the literary realm, garnering more than 40 Amazon ratings and boasting an impressive average of 4.3 stars out of 5. The enthusiasm doesn’t stop there; GoodReads mirrors this acclaim, with a comparable number of ratings and a slightly higher average of 4.43 stars.

Osgood’s consistent track record is evident as his previous works have also maintained similar ratings. Notably, “Grey Hold,” the inaugural instalment of the Sky Realms Online series, boasts over 1,000 Amazon ratings and an average of 4.3 stars, with GoodReads reflecting over 900 ratings and a commendable 3.9-star average. Additionally, Osgood upholds an impressive author’s average star rating of 4.3 on GoodReads, further attesting to the exceptional quality of his writing that consistently captivates readers across various series.

“Warbreaker’s Rise” by Troy Osgood is available to purchase in Paperback, E-Book, and Audio Book, right now. The book is set to be the first book in the brand-new series known as The Connected System. Two additional books have been confirmed for the series: “Warbreaker’s Risk” and “Warbreaker’s Rage”, slated as the second and third instalments of the series, respectively.

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