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TWICE Drop Friendship-Inspired New Single and Music Video, Titled “I GOT YOU” as Anticipation Mounts for “With YOU-th” Album

by Jonathan Currinn
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In an electrifying release, K-pop powerhouse TWICE have unleashed their latest single, “I GOT YOU”, setting the stage ablaze and giving fans a taste of what’s to come with their upcoming 13th mini album, “With YOU-th”, scheduled for release on February 23, 2024. This acts as the follow-up to their previous single “Dance Again”.

Released through the collaboration of JYP Entertainment, Imperial, and Republic Records, TWICE’s “I GOT YOU” marks their third original English single, following the massive successes of “The Feels” and “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE”, and fourth English single overall due to 2018’s cover release of “I Want You Back”. They have since released a 12-track “Voyage version” which includes a feature from Lauv.

Written by Daniel Seavey, David Wilson, Jake Torrey, Jonah Marais, and Lexxi Saal, whilst it has been produced by dwilly, “I GOT YOU” is a catchy synth-pop song that is filled with soul and heart from these incredible vocalists. The nine-member girl group, consisting of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu, completely impress with their emotional delivery and unforgettable harmonies. Their flawless vocal runs intertwine with the gorgeous beats of the song that will certainly make “I GOT YOU” a standout track on pop playlists.

Lyrically, the song dives into friendship and love, exploring how other people can make difficult times easier to get through. It’s not a surprise that TWICE effortlessly connects and conveys this meaningful song as their friendship as a nine-piece group is undeniably strong. This song easily comes from their hearts and it sends chills to the listeners as we hear how much these words mean to them.

The accompanying music video, which was directed by Guzza while Kudo handled the production, sees the South Korean girl group spending time together in the cabin of a yacht as a horrid rain storm rages outside. Out on the ocean sea, they’re probably not exactly safe in the cabin during a storm but they cuddle up together, believe in each other that they’ll make it through, and comfort one another.

They are led to shore by a woman in a lighthouse, and the video then includes incredible dance segments. The storm soon passes, and they prove that they can survive difficult times as long as they have each other. The narrative pairs perfectly with the song and the visual is intercut with solo scenes from the women as they show their individualities, their vocal abilities, and their musicality.

Scene from the "I GOT YOU" music video which sees TWICE on the deck of a yacht.
Still from “I GOT YOU” music video.

The visual is expanded by awesome dance choreography—something we’ve come to expect from K-pop groups. TWICE absolutely brings full-on dance energy to the table while effortlessly tapping into their friendship with one another. The choreography is faultless as they interpret the song’s message into the routine, nailing every move in that sandy field-like beach.

After the second chorus, the music video subtly switches into a dream-like animation as the camera descends into the water, where we watch animated figures representing TWICE, plunge into the sea. They swim around as two animated hands appear in the foreground, touching palms before interlocking fingers as a red ribbon wraps itself around them, binding their friendship together. The camera reemerges, still in the animation world, as we watch the sun glisten off the water as white birds fly down to the water, creating a blinding wave transition back into the real world.

Scene from the "I GOT YOU" music video which is an animation shot of TWICE in the water.
Still from the “I GOT YOU” music video.

The video later wraps up with TWICE waking up to the sun beaming down, clearly the storm has passed. The K-pop girl group all step outside the cabin and finish performing the song on the upper deck. Engaging and captivating, TWICE has done it again and delivered a visual that we can’t get enough of. Add that to the infectiousness of this song, and “I GOT YOU” has a real chance of becoming their biggest global hit to date.

This release serves as a prelude to a special performance in the United States, titled “READY TO BE ONCE MORE”, taking place at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on March 16, 2024. Fans can secure their tickets right now for a night that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Scene from the "I GOT YOU" music video which sees the boat sailing away across the sea.
Still for the “I GOT YOU” music video.

As this awesome K-pop girl group navigate through 2024, they continue to break barriers and solidify their position at the pinnacle of the music industry. Last year saw TWICE receiving the Breakthrough Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards and achieving chart success with their 12th mini album, “READY TO BE”, which claimed the Number 2 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. In doing so, it has allowed the group to extend their record of being the K-pop act with the most Billboard 200 Top 10 hits, currently standing at four.

“I GOT YOU”, by TWICE, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via JYP Entertainment, Imperial, and Republic Records, Look out for their upcoming fifth studio mini-album, titled “With YOU-th”, which is set to be released on February 23, 2024.

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