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Distorted Dreams: 4th Impact’s U.S. Debut Single on the Horizon

by Jonathan Currinn
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The anticipation surrounding 4th Impact’s U.S. Debut Single has reached a fever pitch, and the group is not holding back when it comes to exciting reveals. The four Cercado sisters – Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina – have given fans a treasure trove of information to feast upon.

If our knowledge of 4th Impact is anything to go by, there are a tonne more teasers to come from this incredible girl group – as we all know how they love a good tease! If your excitement is bubbling over for 4th Impact’s U.S. debut single, why not sign up for their Patreon where they promise exclusive news before it’s officially released on their social channels? As well as exclusive live shows that are not to be missed!

Title and Release Date

First and foremost, the title of their highly-anticipated single has been unveiled: “Distorted”. This intriguing name hints at a fresh direction for the group and has set fans buzzing with speculation about the musical journey they are about to embark on. Mark your calendars for October 8, 2023, as that’s the day “Distorted” will make its grand entrance into the music world.

Group Concept Video

In a move that’s sure to stoke the excitement of fans, 4th Impact has also released a group concept video which follows their singular concept videos. This teaser promises a visual and auditory feast that will leave fans counting down the days until the single’s release. The sisters’ harmonious voices and mesmerising choreography are set to captivate audiences once again. This certainly excites us for their forthcoming confirmed music video for “Distorted”.

Check out the other official 4th Impact Concept Videos here:

The artistic direction for 4th Impact’s U.S. debut single, “Distorted” is taking shape with the reveal of the single cover artwork. This captivating visual offers a glimpse into the aesthetic of the upcoming release, adding an element of mystery and intrigue. Additionally, 4th Impact has introduced a brand new logo, signalling the beginning of a fresh era for the group.

U.S. Tour Dates

But that’s not all. 4th Impact has also announced two U.S. tour dates, with more to come. While details about these shows are yet to be fully disclosed, it’s safe to say that fans can expect a memorable live experience. The group’s magnetic stage presence and incredible vocal talent are sure to shine on these tour dates. We just wish we could afford the plane ticket across the Atlantic just so we get to see these incredible sisters perform live – one day we will make it to one of their shows.

The first two U.S. tour dates that have been confirmed are:

  • November 18 – Pomona, CA
  • November 19 – Redwood, CA

Distorted – 4th Impact’s U.S. Debut Single

As the countdown to “Distorted” continues, it’s clear that 4th Impact is ready to make a splash in the U.S. music scene. The sisters’ dedication to their craft and their unwavering connection with their fanbase have solidified their place as a rising force in the industry.

Stay tuned to Good Star Vibes for more updates on 4th Impact’s journey, and mark October 8, 2023, on your calendar as a date not to be missed. “Distorted” promises to be a groundbreaking moment in the group’s career, and we can’t wait to see where this exciting new chapter takes them.

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