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Parralox’s “Goodbye Berlin” Video Takes Viewers on a Midnight Stroll

by Jonathan Currinn
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Electronic pop sensation Parralox has dropped a stunning new music video for their latest single, “Goodbye Berlin”. The synthpop-retrowave track takes listeners on a journey through the complex emotions of escaping from a lover, offering a darker and more introspective sound compared to the band’s previous release, “Tears of Faith”.

Directed by John von Ahlen, himself, the music video is set against the backdrop of late-night Manchester, UK, and captures von Ahlen and Johanna Gervin dressed in black, with the former wearing a Comme des Garçons coat, as they meander through the city centre. These carefully selected settings evoke a sombre and desolate ambience, flawlessly echoing the emotional depth of the song.

Shot incredibly, the duo impresses with their ability to shine and it has an ’80s/’90s feel to it, taking us back to when we used to watch music videos on the TV. The visual has a resemblance to GALA’s “Freed From Desire” and “Let A Boy Cry”, truly showcasing the electronic feel of the visual and how it brings the nostalgic flavour that is, once again, hitting the mainstream.

von Ahlen, who has extensive experience in directing music videos, reflects on the experience, saying, “It can be jarring when you have to step into the role of director with people you are close with, as I am with Johanna. Luckily, Johanna’s a real trooper, a professional who takes direction and never complains, even when it’s two in the morning and freezing cold, like how it was on the shoot for ‘Goodbye Berlin.'”

Watch the music video to “Goodbye Berlin” by Parralox here:

The track was originally released on October 27, 2023, with a huge 12-track version, which includes the original track, 10 remixes of the track, and a remix of “Tears of Faith”. The inspiration behind “Goodbye Berlin” came from a real-life experience, as John von Ahlen himself explains.

I wrote the song after a tense visit with a friend in Berlin. It got to the point where I literally had to get the hell out of Berlin as quickly as I could. I mean, I just didn’t want to be there. I escaped to London a few days later where I wrote the song in a day, taking elements of what happened and turning it into a bitter-sweet love song.

John von Ahlen

Some of the song’s lyrics are drawn directly from text messages von Ahlen sent to friends during this challenging time of leaving Berlin, including the poignant opening line, “I spent three days walking in the rain.”

To bring the song to life, he collaborated with Johanna Gervin, who delivered the lead vocals on “Goodbye Berlin”. Gervin was in the right place at the right time, living in Manchester, and she beautifully captured the sense of isolation and detachment that von Ahlen felt, in Berlin, at that moment.

Gervin shares a unique detail about the recording process, saying, “I was actually pregnant when we recorded the song, and boy oh boy, I didn’t realise how out of breath I would get carrying my daughter. It did, however, give John the vocal quality he was after.”

“Goodbye Berlin” is the second single from Parralox’s “Genesis” album, and von Ahlen notes that it represents a more mature phase in their songwriting. The band, which originally drew from ’80s influences, is now carving out its unique style and perspective.

Stream the newly-released track and the remixes on Spotify here:

Parralox embarked on their musical odyssey back in 2007 when John von Ahlen joined forces with the talented vocalist Rowena “Roxy” Martin, giving birth to the chart-topping sensation, “I Fell in Love with a Drum Machine”. The monumental success of this collaboration paved the way for their debut album, “Electricity”. Presently, Parralox proudly showcases an ensemble featuring John von Ahlen as the lead vocalist, along with a constellation of female vocalists, including Johanna Gervin, Jane Badler, and Louise Love. Additionally, they are joined by the accomplished Ian Burden, previously of The Human League, who lends his expertise as a guest bass guitarist.

John von Ahlen shares his hopes for the new sound, stating, “It’s really so awesome to get this out there. It never ceases to amaze me when we get feedback on social media about the songs and videos, and it’s really rewarding when people say they are inspired by the songs. It’s the ultimate compliment.”

“Goodbye Berlin”, by Parrlox, is available to download and stream on all digital platforms, right now, via Tunecore Publishing and Subterrane Records. This is one track offers fans an enchanting musical experience that’s not to be missed.

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