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A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me!: Miz Cracker’s Queered Up Herstory Extravaganza at The Glee Club Birmingham

by Jonathan Currinn
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It’s been six years since Miz Cracker entered the werk room of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 and she has been unstoppable ever since. She placed fifth in that season but left an unforgettable impression on the world and the Drag Race fans, as well as RuPaul, herself, since she was invited back for the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. Just four years ago, Miz Cracker walked that Drag Race runway making it all the way to the final and arguably considered to be a robbed queen, having won the most main challenges that season.

Fast forward to 2024 and Miz Cracker is still shining on stages around the world. She recently wrapped up her brand new comedy tour, titled “Miz Cracker: A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me!”, here in the UK. The tour saw her visit five cities: Newcastle Upon Tyne, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Glasgow. We were lucky enough to watch her perform at The Glee Club in Birmingham on February 26, 2024.

Having last seen her five years ago, we knew her stage presence was off the charts, but that was on a big stage in a club, whereas The Glee Club Birmingham is a much more intimate setting, allowing the viewers an up-close-and-personal experience—it’s a comedy venue for a reason. While we went in with slight trepidation, Miz Cracker effortlessly put us at ease by cracking jokes, lip-syncing faultlessly, and even teaching us a bit of history—well history-ish considering she gay’d it up to the gods!

The Glee Club Birmingham: A Cozy Haven for Drag Delights and Table-Service Glamour

A venue we’ve attended multiple times, The Glee Club Birmingham has huge potential. We were saddened to learn that we would be queuing outside, since the last time we attended this venue for a drag show, the bar area was open allowing us to sit down inside, keep warm, and have a drink as we waited for the show doors to open; this time we found ourselves braving the cold outdoors. Fortunately, the wait proved to be relatively short.

What truly stood out for us at this venue was the introduction of table service. Each seat is now equipped with a table, providing an innovative solution that not only added to the comfort but also enticed us to indulge in more drinks and snacks. This thoughtful approach not only enhanced our overall experience but also contributed to supporting the venue as we spent more money than usual on drinks and snacks.

Herstory Lessons With Miz Cracker: A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me! Live at The Glee Club

With no support act, Miz Cracker kickstarted the show and showcased her stage presence from the get-go. A fully fleshed-out show, this stunning queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race took us on a journey and a half on her version of the history of the world.

Split into a few segments, “A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me!” transported us right through history with Miz Cracker taking us back, back, and even further back, to the creation of life itself, right to Adam and Eve. Focusing on Eve, the queen that she was to disobey the rules and take a bite of that luscious apple, Miz Cracker turned herself into Eve, lip-syncing the house-down boots, ruvealing herself into a leaf and flower-inspired outfit, and showcasing a queer version of events.

The opener was engaging, hilarious, and exciting, perfectly introducing us to who Miz Cracker is as a performer and the type of event we were going to be watching. Perfect for those who hadn’t watched her RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons—she even went on to call out a meet-and-greet attendee who stated that he had never even watched the American version of the show (he certainly is missing out).

Shining throughout, this incredible American drag queen breaks up the show with comedic segments as she takes to the stage with a microphone. While she does stay on topic throughout, explaining why she’s dressed as Eve and why she has queered up the events of history, she also delves into her personal life, the drag bans and difficulties in the US, and how we all need to support the LGBTQ+ community during this time. The heartfelt and emotional stories she tells are sprinkled with puns, dad jokes, and fully realised slapstick comedy.

She moves on from Eve to Jesus with another lip-sync performance that is not only faultless but also proves why she was so worthy of so many Drag Race main challenge wins. Her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent are off the charts, and to command the room as she did in such a small intimate venue as a one-woman show (with the help of Katelyn, who usually stays backstage but had to make a rare appearance as a sock-puppet snake during the Eve performance) truly makes this one impressive show.

As expected, the usual joke of Jesus having so many men around him was included during her comedy segment, but there was so much more to this part including an unforgettable story of Miz Cracker encountering people who took aim at her for being in drag and wearing “women’s clothing”, which is apparently wrong according to the bible.

For those of us in the LGBTQ+ community, coming across people who believe that we are going to hell is something that can be a daily, weekly, or monthly occurrence, and while Miz Cracker is Jewish and not Christian and so doesn’t care for the bible, she manages to convey the awful feeling of not knowing how to reply to these people. Only, she decided to read up on the bible so that she was prepared to answer if such an occasion arrived again, and gosh was she prepared! Talk about having the room in stitches with this brilliant story!

Promotional photo for "A Brief History Of The Entire World... And Also Me!" which sees Miz Cracker dressed as Eve.

The next segment took us closer to the present day, with a brilliant video segment of “Review with a Jew”, the YouTube series that she originally did where she reviewed RuPaul’s Drag Race. Instead, she delved into her version of the historical story of Joan of Arc, once again leading to a solid performance. Her epic drag lip-syncing truly was unforgettable, and she soon turned it up to 11 with some epic jump splits and cartwheels—something that was unexpected considering the stage was so small.

Miz Cracker radiates enthusiasm and beauty, culminating the evening with an unforgettable performance. While her brief history may not be exactly accurate—who really knows? It could be full of nuanced truths—Miz Cracker skillfully weaves narratives, seamlessly blending comedy and drag artistry. In doing so, she reveals the polished essence of the queen she embodies with captivating storytelling and impeccable showmanship.

Showstopping Brilliance: Miz Cracker is Truly Unforgettable in A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me!

Lasting a full one and a half hours, Miz Cracker’s “A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me!” was a dazzling display of memorable moments. From sharing an inspiring narrative about Farrah Moan—a drag queen we should all take inspiration from—to flawlessly lip-syncing not only to an array of songs but also to dialogues from various sources, the show was a whirlwind of entertainment. However, it was Miz Cracker’s lip-sync performance of “Never Enough” by Loren Allred from The Greatest Showman that left the audience completely in awe, blowing everyone away.

Beyond Drag: Miz Cracker’s Unforgettable Journey Through Queered Up Herstory Full of Humour and Heart

Miz Cracker seamlessly blended humour, storytelling, and drag artistry. Her ability to engage the audience, share personal anecdotes, and tackle serious issues with a comedic touch showcased her versatility as a performer.

In the end, “A Brief History Of The Entire World… And Also Me!” wasn’t just a drag show; it was a masterful blend of history, humour, and heart. Miz Cracker’s ability to weave a narrative, challenge societal norms, and leave the audience in stitches reaffirms her status as a queen who can effortlessly command any stage. The night concluded with thunderous applause, leaving the audience with a shared experience that left them eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Miz Cracker’s glittering career.

Miz Cracker: The Werking Queen’s Transatlantic Triumph and Ongoing Reign

Miz Cracker’s UK tour, spanning five dates from February 24, 2024, to March 1, 2024, was a non-stop extravaganza. Demonstrating her commitment as a werking drag queen, she tirelessly captivated audiences across the United Kingdom. Her relentless work ethic was evident as she showcased her prowess as a dedicated drag queen in the five UK venues.

Adding to her already impressive schedule, Miz Cracker made a memorable appearance in Seattle on February 17, 2024, during Madonna’s Celebration tour. This particular segment has been going viral lately as it features renowned Drag Race personalities, across the years, engaging in a captivating ballroom vogue performance. As both Madonna and the drag queen in attendance at each of her US shows hold up cards displaying the number 10, referencing the well-known ballroom phrase “10s across the board”, gig attendees watch Madonna’s dancers flawlessly perform vogue choreography. Miz Cracker has now joined a prestigious roster which includes previous stars such as Manila Luzon, Trinity The Tuck, Detox, Symone, Miss Fame, and Plastique Tiara, alongside the mainstay, Bob the Drag Queen.

Miz Cracker doesn’t take a break when it comes to performing, as even though she’s only just wrapped up her UK tour, she has just announced a brand-new limited eight-week show, every Monday, at Industry Bar in New York City, titled “Mondays With Miz”, bringing along a variety of special guests and putting on a stunning show. It starts March 11, 2024, so if you’re in NYC on one of those Mondays within those eight weeks, we highly recommend you get on down to Industry Bar and watch Miz Cracker perform the house down!

Whenever she returns to this side of the Atlantic for another UK tour, you can bet that we’ll be in attendance.

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