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Life City’s Debut Single “One Way Flight” Strikes a Chord in Indie-Rock

by Jonathan Currinn
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The indie-rock scene is buzzing with excitement as Life City drops their debut single, “One Way Flight”. The quartet effortlessly make a statement by offering a compelling musical journey with this truly unforgettable song.

“One Way Flight” delves into a personal experience, telling the story of a woman who chose to explore the world, leaving her lover behind. With lyrics like “Go home, it’s too late, it’s time to board the plane again”, the song paints a vivid picture of missed opportunities and moving forward.

Stream “One Way Flight” by Life City on YouTube here:

Written by the band themselves, the song opens with drums before the bass and guitars kickstart the rhythm – this unique drum opening grabs audiences from the get-go and is set to engage potential fans when heard for the first time, standing out on any playlist it gets added to. Rhys Rowlands’ indie-rock vocals add texture and passion to the compelling journey that the lyrics of “One Way Flight” take us on, wrapping infectiously around the addictive beat.

Bringing an incredibly unique style to indie-rock, Life City make their mark on the scene with “One Way Flight”. The track allows each of the four members to shine equally, with Dan White impressing to no end by fuelling the rhythm of the track with his bass, while Joel Hampton establishes the beat with skilful drumming, then there’s Lee Hollis who stuns as the lead guitarist driving the melody of the song, add all that to Rowlands’ exceptional vocals and additional guitar chords, and here we have a gifted four-piece band that is ready to nail the indie-rock world by storm and prepared to rise within the industry.

As the song comes to an end an incredible instrumental segment is played during the bridge and this continues through to the last chorus. This segment spotlights the hard work and determination these four band members have and truly makes this track beyond memorable. The heartfelt emotion that transcends from the lyrics, the vocals, and the instruments, is truly flawless, bringing an awesome depth to this song that really puts Life City on the map.

Stream the newly-released track on Spotify here:

Originating from Wolverhampton, UK, the band’s journey began earlier this year and they wasted no time in producing original music and gracing audiences with their performances across the Midlands. Their dedication to this project shines through, with a strong collaborative effort and support from their network, making this debut single a reality. Life City comprises four talented members: Rhys Rowlands as the vocalist and guitarist, Dan White as the bassist, Joel Hampton as the drummer, and Lee Hollis as the lead guitarist.

The release of “One Way Flight” in November marked a significant milestone for Life City. The track has already garnered a dedicated following, and their recent sell-out show demonstrated the deep connection their music forges with their audience.

Talking about the release of the single, Life City said, “Releasing this means the world to us and the fact we had friends and family singing this back to us at our sell-out show in Digbeth really hit home.”

Life City’s dedication to their craft and their genuine connection with their audience promise an exciting journey ahead. With “One Way Flight” serving as an impressive debut, it’s clear that this indie-rock band has no intention of slowing down. Keep an eye out for more from Life City as they continue to make waves in the world of music. We’re excited to follow their rising journey and cannot wait to see what they release next.

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