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“Blindside”: Solace Showcases Their Captivating Indie-Rock Sound With Their Incredible Debut Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Connor Pope

Five-piece Birmingham-based indie-rock band, Solace, has made huge steps in the music world with the release of their debut single “Blindside”. This progressive indie-rock anthem is addicting and heartfelt as all five members impress throughout from the vocals to the songwriting to the instrumental segments to the backing track. Fully fleshed out and undeniably catchy, this debut single is just the start of Solace’s epic music journey.

Written by Joel Hampton and Kieran Sparkes, whilst it was produced by the former, “Blindside” effortlessly showcases the band’s hard work and dedication to their craft. The gradual intensity of the backing track invites listeners to discover who the band are and the distinctive sound that we can expect from them. Taking inspiration from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Arctic Monkeys, and Kings of Leon, Solace cements their artistry within the layers of the track, showcasing their versatility within the genre while also bringing introspection and storytelling.

The debut track from the band starts slowly, captivating the audience with guitar strings prior to the first verse, allowing those lyrics to truly hit home and connect with the band from the get-go. Those first verse lyrics are full of emotion and honesty, as Kieran Sparkes draws our attention with his awesome vocals that bring grit and sincerity to the track, amplifying the song as it goes into the chorus. The drums and the bass make themselves known within this verse, adding to the growing indie-rock sound that pulsates right through us.

The infectious chorus hits hard, with the lyrics discussing how falling in love when you’re not quite ready can mess things up and create a conflict between what the heart wants and what you’re ready for. This clash is reflected in the backing track as the five-piece expand their musical output with each verse and chorus that goes by, crescendoing into an explosive battle. “Blindside” really is the perfect debut single for this band, introducing us to their exciting indie-rock sound that is sure to make an impact when performed live.

This rising indie-rock band, Solace, are focused and diligent on their career path, already lining up a variety of gigs and working hard on more new music. Consisting of Kieran Sparkes (Vocals), Dan White (Bass), Will Scott (Guitar), Lee Hollis (Guitar), and Joel Hampton (Drums). this five-piece are ready to make an impact on the music industry and we’re excited to follow their every step.

Single cover artwork for "Blindside" by Solace which is a sketch drawing of an eye.

“Blindside”, by Solace, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. The band are set to perform at The Valkyrie Bar in Evesham on Saturday, April 6, 2024, where we presume they will be celebrating the release of their debut single. It’s free entry so make sure you don’t miss out. They are also set to support The Fazeleys at The Sunflower Lounge on Friday, April 26, 2024, alongside Katvari and Gypsy Jack.

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