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Dead Superstar are Hard-Hitting with their Incredible Single “These Voices” from Their Upcoming EP “Rid The Fear”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Hard-hitting rock group Dead Superstar are set to shake up the music scene with their latest release, “These Voices”, the lead single from their upcoming EP, “Rid The Fear”. The track is now available on major streaming platforms showcasing the band’s signature bone-crushing sound. This acts as the follow-up to the John Karkazis Mix of their track, “Beware of the Knife”.

Recorded at JustDefy Studios and produced by Corey Lowery of Seether fame, “These Voices” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the band which consists of Terence Keith (Founder and Vocals), Justin Goldat (Guitar), Michael Bohm (Guitar), Charlie O’Neil (Bass), and Jess DeBellis (Keys and Knobs). According to Spotify, the track was written by Justin Goldat and Terence Keith, and it is currently their most popular track on Spotify.

It’s not a surprise it has risen up the ranks on their Spotify profile, what with the incredible vocals, the flawless guitar riffs, the undeniable bass, and the hard-hitting drums that make up this awesome track. Dead Superstar impresses from the outset, making sure they make a superb hard rock impact, spotlighting both the guitars and the bass to maximum effect, determined to be heard, but that’s not all, Terence Keith soon comes in with his vocals and proves that Dead Superstar is a band name we all need to get familiar with.

Strong from the first word, Terence Keith makes sure that his voice matches the blast of rock energy that the instrumentalists are serving, and that’s exactly what he does. On top of that, he manages to connect with the audience, bringing heartfelt passion as he truly believes in every word he is singing.

The biography photo in promotion of Dead Superstar.

The track progresses through a series of rock levels, truly allowing each member of the band to shine with their faultless playing. The lyrics touch upon mental health and how life can bring people down however the protagonist questions whether he’s his own worst enemy.

The introspective lyrics are bound to resonate with every single listener and will no doubt strike realisation in many people and hopefully, in turn, become something positive. “These Voices” by Dead Superstar shows exactly how incredible they are as a band and we’re certain that this track is going to sound amazing live! There are even some glimpses of their performances in the accompanying lyric video which only reinforces the idea of their electric energy and unstoppable passion for making music that listeners can relate to.

Anticipated for release later this Spring, the EP, titled “Rid The Fear”, guarantees an eclectic musical odyssey with accompanying tracks “Loose Strings”, “Without You”, the two-step “Firewoman”, “The Anthem”, and a bonus track, “Our Life As We Know It”. The release of this EP acts as their debut EP collection, following the release of their previous two albums, 2020’s “I Did it for the Rock Gods” and 2011’s “Tribulations – V2.1”.

Terence Keith spoke about the inspiration behind the single’s cover art. He explains, “In the cover art for the song, the finger in the TV that is pointing at the screaming face symbolizes all these authoritarian voices we deal with on a daily basis that are dictating their poisonous views upon us all. Continually dragging society down with unnecessary turmoil, unreasonable demands, and hardcore restrictions that weigh heavy on every person’s mind and spirit.”

Official single cover artwork for "These Voices" which sees an old TV set with a person in a suit standing on the screen, pointing his finger at the camera.

To complement the release, Dead Superstar is gearing up for a series of 2024 tour dates, set to kick off in March, with a major announcement on the horizon. They already have revealed an upcoming gig, where they will be headlining a show, which is titled “Kick Out The Jams”, at the RiffHouse Pub in Chesapeake, Virginia, with Spirit Gun, Balazitos, and Pagan River Madness, all performing also, on March 1, 2024. Tickets are priced at $10 each and are available on the door.

The New York-based rock machine, Dead Superstar, have honed their craft during the pandemic, delivering a polished live performance and a catalogue of powerful new songs following the pandemic. With a history of sharing stages with heavyweights like Buckcherry, Sevendust, Five Finger Death Punch, and Alesana, Dead Superstar is poised to leave an indelible mark on the rock scene, especially with their forthcoming EP—which we cannot wait to hear in full.

“These Voices”, by Dead Superstar, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. If you’re in the Chesapeake area in Virginia on March 1, 2024, we urge you to attend their “Kick Out The Jams” show, as we know you won’t be disappointed. Bring on the release of their new EP, “Rid The Fear”.

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