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The Gladiators Are Back: First Look at BBC’s Epic Revival

by Jonathan Currinn
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The highly anticipated return of the adrenaline-pumping show, Gladiators, has unveiled its first trailer, igniting excitement among fans. Scheduled to premiere on BBC One and iPlayer in January 2024, the reboot promises an 11-episode series packed with intense challenges and familiar faces.

Initially captivating audiences during its ITV run from 1992 to 2000, with a brief resurgence on Sky in the late 2000s, Gladiators will now see a new home at the BBC. The trailer offers a tantalising glimpse into the upcoming series, showcasing spirited contestants gearing up to face “The Gladiators” – a formidable league of elite athletes and bodybuilders.

Guided by the hosting prowess of Bradley Walsh and his son Barney, the reboot promises a fusion of exhilarating new challenges alongside timeless favourites such as Duel and Hang Tough. Viewers can anticipate each episode building up to the pulse-racing climax of The Eliminator, delivering an intense and electrifying showdown that is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Watch the trailer for BBC’s Gladiators here:

However, the path to glory isn’t without its hurdles. The series faced setbacks when two Gladiators, Ella-Mae Rayner (Comet) and Sheli McCoy (Sabre), encountered injuries during filming. Ella-Mae Rayner disclosed her severe foot injury on Instagram, revealing the extent of her fractures and ligament damage. Similarly, Sheli McCoy found herself on crutches due to a torn hamstring but is currently progressing well in rehabilitation with support from the show’s physiotherapist.

Assuring the audience of their commitment to safety, the BBC emphasised the rigorous protocols in place to prioritise the well-being of all involved in the production. Recognising the physically demanding nature of the show, the broadcaster emphasised their immediate response in following appropriate procedures whenever a potential injury surfaced.

The health and well-being of all Gladiators, contenders and crew is of paramount importance.

Gladiators is one of the toughest and most physically demanding programmes on TV and due to the high-impact nature of the show it is not unusual for those competing to suffer injuries.

In each instance, as soon as it became apparent that a potential injury had occurred, the correct protocol was immediately followed.


The countdown has begun for the exhilarating return of Gladiators, promising a high-octane blend of competition, resilience, and thrilling challenges. As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the debut of this revamped series, set to reignite the spirit of the iconic ’90s show on a new platform.

Gladiators will get our hearts pumping in January 2024, storming back onto screens. The BBC are ready, Gladiators are ready, contenders are ready, and fans are ready! This revamp of the ’90s classic is set to captivate audiences once again with its unparalleled energy and nostalgic vibe, twisted around a modern atmosphere.

This isn’t the first time that the BBC has taken a previous ITV show and revitalised it; only just this year, they launched a brand new series of Survivor, bringing back the ’00s UK classic, and it clearly was a success as they have confirmed that they are currently casting for a second series – we can’t wait for that!

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