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Survival Was Just the Beginning: Wreck Series 2 Set to Premiere on BBC Three at the End of March

by Jonathan Currinn
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Exciting news is on the horizon for horror-comedy fans, as the premiere date for the much-anticipated second series of “Wreck” has been officially announced by BBC Three. Set to captivate audiences on March 26, 2024, the series promises a thrilling continuation of the blood-soaked tale that had fans on the edge of their seats in its first series.

The first series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer, in the UK, right now. For US readers, you can watch the first series on Hulu.

Note: Spoilers for series 1 of Wreck are below. If you haven’t watched the trailers for series 1 just yet, watch them here:

In the first series of Wreck, viewers were thrust into the heart of terror aboard The Sacramentum cruise ship. Amidst a sea of unsuspecting passengers, 20-year-old Jamie (portrayed by Oscar Kennedy) embarked on a harrowing quest to find his vanished sister amidst a backdrop of chilling murders.

As the second series unfolds, the narrative picks up in the aftermath of the first series’s jaw-dropping conclusion. Jamie, alongside Vivian (played by Thaddea Graham) and their crew of survivors, brace themselves for a showdown with Velorum, the nefarious corporate entity responsible for the tragic fate of Jamie’s sister.

Still from Wreck TV show which sees Vivian and Jamie standing in the middle of a forest.
Thaddea Graham as Vivian and Oscar Kennedy as Jamie

Series two of Wreck delves into a riveting and multi-layered storyline as the characters embark on a perilous mission to dismantle Velorum’s operations. Their journey leads them to an exclusive ‘wellness’ festival for millionaires tucked away in the remote Slovenian countryside, where secrets lurk beneath the surface of serenity. As tensions mount and alliances are tested, viewers can expect a captivating exploration of the characters’ inner turmoil and moral dilemmas in the wake of their past traumas aboard the cruise ship.

Returning for series 2 are the familiar faces that brought the first series to life, including Oscar Kennedy (Ladhood, Breeders), Thaddea Graham (Sex Education, Us) and Jodie Tyack (Noughts + Crosses, Unforgotten) alongside fellow survivors Anthony Rickman (Enola Holmes), Amber Grappy (One Day), Peter Claffey (Bad Sisters), Miya Ocego, Warren James Dunning, Alice Nokes, James Phoon (Bridgerton), Ali Hardman, Rory O’Neill (Panti), and Harriet Webb (Big Boys).

Still from Wreck TV show that sees Lauren (Amber Grappy) and Ben (Orlando Norman) running in fear in a forest.
Orlando Norman (Ben) and Amber Grappy (Lauren)

Screen legend Alan Dale (The OC, Lost, 24, Neighbours) joins the cast for Wreck series two, alongside further new cast members Phil Martin, Orlando Norman, Shaheen Jafargholi, Sam Buttery, Greg Austin (Hunters), Carolyn Bracken (You Are Not My Mother), Niamh Walsh (The Sandman), Buck Braithwaite (Fair Play), Joseph Arkley (The Capture), and Bradley Riches (Heartstopper).

BBC Three, in its recent press release, sheds light on the upcoming series, emphasising its return on Tuesday, March 26, 2024. Comprising six episodes, the second series was commissioned by Fiona Campbell, Controller of Youth Audience, BBC Three, and BBC iPlayer. The series, produced by Euston Films (Nightsleeper, The Sister), a Fremantle company with support from Northern Ireland Screen, is helmed by executive producers Noemi Spanos, Ryan J. Brown, Chris Baugh, and Nick Lambon.

Still from Wreck TV series that sees a group of young adults looking out of a window as if they are hiding from someone.
Alice Nokes (Sophia), Amber Grappy (Lauren), Thaddea Graham (Vivian), Miya Ocego (Rosie), and Peter Claffey (Cormac).

Brendan Mullin (Dalgliesh) serves as the producer, with direction by Chris Baugh (Boys from County Hell) and Louis Paxton (Shetland). Fremantle is set to handle the international distribution of the series, ensuring that the captivating narrative reaches a global audience.

In addition to the returning cast, the infusion of fresh talent, including screen legend Alan Dale, adds an exciting dynamic to the series. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Dale’s presence is anticipated to elevate the overall performance and bring a new layer of complexity to the unfolding narrative. The collaborative efforts of the entire cast and crew promise a seamless continuation of the story, with each episode building on the suspense and mystery that made the first series a standout success.

As the premiere date approaches, viewers can reflect on the impact of the first series, which garnered critical acclaim for its unique blend of horror and comedy. The character development and storytelling prowess of creator and writer Ryan J. Brown have left audiences eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this gripping saga. Series 2 is expected to delve deeper into the emotional and psychological aftermath of the characters, providing a more nuanced understanding of their motivations and relationships.

A collage of six stills from series 2 of Wreck, all of which are profile images of supporting main and recurring characters from the show.
Left-Top to Bottom-Right: Alice Nokes, Sam Buttery, Peter Claffey, Amber Grappy, Miya Ocego, James Phoon.

With a compelling storyline, a talented cast, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the horror-comedy genre, the upcoming series is set to leave an indelible mark on the TV landscape as a whole. Mark your calendars and brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions, suspense, and laughter as Wreck returns with a vengeance.

Fans can eagerly anticipate immersing themselves in a binge-worthy experience as Wreck Series 2 premieres on BBC iPlayer at 6 am, followed by the TV broadcast on BBC Three at 10 pm on March 26, 2024. We are beyond excited for an extended exploration into the world of horror-comedy, as the series promises to deliver even more suspense, intrigue, and unexpected twists in its latest instalment.

Click here to watch the first episode of series 1 on BBC iPlayer, in the UK, right now. If you’re in the US, you can click here to watch the first series on Hulu,

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