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Naghmeh Radiates Strength with Captivating Single and Music Video “Burn” Reflecting Her Empowering Personal Journey

by Jonathan Currinn
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Iranian-Canadian artist Naghmeh continues to captivate audiences with her latest musical offering, “Burn”. This compelling single and music video emerges as a testament to her resilience and personal growth, echoing a powerful narrative steeped in her life’s journey. This acts as the follow-up to her debut single “Lose Yourself to Dance”.

Transitioning from the corporate world to pursue her passion for music, Naghmeh embarked on a soul-stirring solo career in 2016, marking the beginning of an enthralling artistic voyage. Her foray into rock n’ roll led her on a year-long global exploration, enthralling audiences across Europe and South America.

Returning to Montreal after this whirlwind tour, she dedicated herself to the next phase of her musical odyssey. Assembling a band, she delved into immersive performances across the city, culminating in the creation, co-production, and release of her debut album, “Naghmeh and the Southern Shores”, in 2019.

However, following the album’s release, this Iranian-Canadian artist faced a turning point when her longstanding bandmates relocated to different cities. This poignant shift prompted her to pivot, deciding to channel her future musical endeavours as a solo artist under her first name.

Watch the official music video here:

Her latest single, “Burn”, carries profound emotional weight as she reflects on a pivotal moment in her life. Naghmeh candidly shares, “In 2019, I left an abusive relationship and in the rush to move out and distance myself from the person, I left a lot of things behind. Those objects became a thread connecting me to that ex and became his excuse to remain in touch, only to make me relive those traumatic experiences. One day, I realized I had started a whole new life and didn’t need any of the things that connected me to that home and that relationship, and I felt ready to let it all go and burn it.”

Written and co-produced herself, with Derek Orsi also acting as co-producer, “Burn” is a soft-indie-pop-rock song that showcases diversity and versatility. This incredible artist sure knows how to impress, giving a passionate vocal which effortlessly portrays the narrative, driving home the message of leaving an ex sorely in the past, no matter how much they try to crawl back because you’ve moved on and are living a much better life without that toxicity. Resonating with audiences from the get-go, Naghmeh enthuses confidence and empowerment, stunning vocally and lyrically.

Accompanying the single release is an incredibly-shot music video, directed by Evan Wintschel, which sees this stunning singer-songwriter bring a performance-based visual, incorporating the meaning of the song through introspective scenes. We watch Naghmeh showcase her talented vocals, stage presence, and ability to play the guitar, she contemplates her life and reflects on a past partner, who she’s better off without. Her passion and heart are on full display in the various scenes, and she also brings fashion to the table, looking gorgeous in every outfit. The ending sees her walk out a door, shutting it behind her – closing the chapter of this ex and showcasing she’s fully moved on.

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Naghmeh’s musical journey is a tapestry woven from her diverse experiences, including her background in Psychology and her deeply personal migration story. Her songwriting transcends mere melodies; it becomes a cathartic medium through which she finds solace and healing from her own past traumas. Beyond her emotional odyssey, her music resonates with others navigating similar paths, forging connections that transcend boundaries. Moreover, her artistry serves as a beacon, shedding light on the diasporic narrative of the Middle East, advocating for greater awareness and fostering a deeper understanding of shared human experiences.

This sophomore single stands as a testament to this Iranian-Canadian artist’s courage and resilience, offering listeners an evocative journey through her transformative narrative. We’re excited to see her career continue to soar as she delves into her musical talents, connecting with audiences on a deeper level. With “Burn,” she cements her place as a storyteller who fearlessly shares her truth, resonating with listeners far beyond the realm of music.

“Burn”, by Naghmeh, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms,

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