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ÊMIA Releases “Super Fun Party Girl” Music Video Which Sees Her Enter a Dream-Like Party World

by Jonathan Currinn
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ÊMIA’s been teasing this music video on her socials for a couple of weeks, and even teased us in our exclusive interview about the single release of “Super Fun Party Girl”, and now it’s here and it’s even more epic than we expected it to be! This single has been on our brains since the day it was released, with the chorus on loop, hooked inside, while repeatedly playing the track, and now we have this brilliant visual to go with it.

Directed by Holly M. Kaplan, with Jon Bewley acting as Editor and Cinematographer, this engrossing music video has a focused narrative that has been created by ÊMIA and the director, surrounded by super fun-filled party performance vibes. The opening and ending scenes see ÊMIA in Manhattan, New York, travelling around while on her phone. In the opening scene, we see someone shove her and she drops her phone. As she goes to pick it up from the crosswalk, the lights change and a coach comes straight for her, warping us all into a dream-like world.

Still from the "Super Fun Party Girl" music video which sees ÊMIA looking stunning in a white dress in the dream-like party world with her girls around her.

This world is where the magic happens, with fashion couture like no other, ÊMIA shines with confidence, energy, and flair. She clearly means every single word she is singing and we’re singing alongside her. Surrounded by her girls, in a sleep-over-like fashion world where they are all “Super Fun Party Girls”, showcasing the people they are when they’re in a group and pretending to be this larger-than-life party personality to hide their true feelings.

During the dream scene, there are gorgeous fashion outfits, which ÊMIA went into detail with us about for our exclusive interview, with the wardrobe being provided by LOVE, BONITO, Meadowland World, and Beacon’s Closet. Add their style with their awesome dance choreography, and this music video melds brilliantly with the song itself; yet, they have taken it a step further with the narrative beginning and ending, giving us a fleshed-out storyline that ends with us exiting the dream sequence, ÊMIA picking up her phone and they all go about their day as if that sequence never happened—the epitome of the day after the night before of being a “Super Fun Party Girl”.

Starring alongside Anh Le (ÊMIA) in this music video are Annie Behrens (as professor girl) and Mecca Christie (as lawyer girl), as well as Sarah Dreilich, Caitlin LaMountain, Grace Nguyen, Carolina Weishaar, and Sarah White, who all are part of the Party Girls. There are also additional crewmembers on set with Mike Cicchetti on the assistant camera and Brittany Drays acting behind the scenes, as well as a host of production assistants. This team all came together to create a gem of a music video that is enchanting, impressive, and relatable.

Addicting to no end, we’ve watched this music video multiple times now and we’re just as hooked as we were when we first heard the song. This rising indie-pop superstar just keeps showcasing why she’s a brilliant artist in all senses of the word.

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