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“VIDEO CALL: PM the mini movie”: ÊMIA Invites Us into Her World Within A Flawless Visual Masterpiece

by Jonathan Currinn
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Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and indie-pop sensation ÊMIA has unveiled an enthralling visual masterpiece, “VIDEO CALL: PM the mini movie”, offering her audience a unique and immersive experience. This comes just days after the release of her new EP “VIDEO CALL: PM

This long-form visualiser, a collection of all six music videos from her latest EP “VIDEO CALL: PM”, is a creative and emotionally charged portrayal of ÊMIA’s life as a young woman in her twenties. This cinematic endeavour stitches together monologues and video call recordings between ÊMIA and her closest friends, providing a highly exaggerated yet surprisingly accurate interpretation of her experiences.

Promotional image for "VIDEO CALL: PM" which sees ÊMIA posing with the New York skyline behind her, leaning against a railing, looking right at the camera.

ÊMIA’s “VIDEO CALL: PM the mini movie” celebrates the importance of shared melodramas and the profound connections that shape her musical journey. Created in collaboration with her real-life best friends, it promises to resonate with fans on a deeply personal level.

Episode 5 was originally released a few days ago to coincide with the release of the EP. In doing so, the episode which focused on her collaboration with Charlie on the song “are we gonna grow apart”, acted as an exciting teaser for this mini movie, exciting viewers for what was to come. Now that it’s here, the teaser really did shine a light on what we were expecting, yet there’s so much more in this visual, and it’s undeniable how amazing ÊMIA is vocally, visually, emotionally, lyrically, graphically, creatively, and artistically.

Promotional image for "VIDEO CALL: PM" which sees ÊMIA posing in a window frame, with her arm perched on the windowsill, looking right at the camera, with her phone out in front of her, taking a selfie.

Once upon a time in chaotic New York City, there lived a melodramatic adult teenage girl named, ÊMIA. When she’s not internet-stalking her crush, she’s calling equally delusional best friends for really good dating advice! She blocked her ex on everything…but will one phone call change it all?? Is it just a coincidence she’s running into this cute guy all over the city…or is it FATE? Not to mention, working as a bunny mascot for the community garden is brutal and it would be tragic if she can’t make it in time for her best friend’s surprise birthday party! Life is crazy, but with a little help from her friends, ÊMIA can totally make it through the week!

ÊMIA (in the YouTube description)

This visual is a flawless masterpiece. It may just be one week of ÊMIA’s crazy hectic life, but it feels like we watch her grow up. “brain chemistry” starts the entire visualiser off, with the video showcasing a sort-of date with her crush, but he doesn’t seem all that into her, not that infatuated ÊMIA can see that – gosh have we all been there?

This then turns into ÊMIA being in the bath, singing with a microphone (isn’t that some sort of scary hazard – be careful ÊMIA), and texting her friend, who is equally filled with puppy love, and this guy, who could at least let her know where she stands or show a bit more interest, in “my stupid feelings” with Marian Carmel.

This then transitions to episode three – which is the music video for “cool like frozen yogurt” (track four on the EP) which was previously released as a lyric video six months ago, only without the contextual video segment at the start; literally, this makes even more sense. Six months ago we were interested in finding out who this ex was who she’s totally chill with, now we know that he randomly called her almost two years after they broke up, to apologise for how things ended – can he, like, give advice to all our exes and tell them to do the same (we need those apologies too!) They’re now friends and it’s clear that they’re better off this way.

Promotional image for "VIDEO CALL: PM" which sees ÊMIA posing by crouching down in a white top and a cream silk dress as she flings her arms open for the photo.

We also love how this visual for “cool like frozen yogurt” takes the “axe I had to grind” lyric and transforms it as she performs in an axe-throwing venue. We then transition into “dumb luck” – track three on the EP and another video which was previously dropped two months ago, and again we get initial context thanks to the opening of the episode. She mentions to her ex-now-friend, that she’s got a date to go to, and he gives her the positive energy she needs to go out and have a good time – and she sure looks absolutely stunning in those glittery trousers!

Fashion and beauty rule in this visual as well as the adorably cute narrative where she keeps bumping into this good-looking guy and it seems fate wants them to go out on a date together – fate’s not the only one, every viewer wants it to happen, too. We all need a bit of “dumb luck” and ÊMIA empowers us all to believe that we, too, can have a bit of dumb luck.

Promotional image for "VIDEO CALL: PM" which sees ÊMIA posing with her arms open wide with the New York skyline behind her as the sun sets or rises.

Episode five flows in, the segment of which was previously released days ago alongside the EP as a teaser for this mini movie, titled “are we gonna grow apart” in collaboration with Charlie. We find out that she’s trying to make it to her best friend’s surprise birthday party, but ends up missing the train. We mentioned previously how we love how the visual intercut old videos of ÊMIA and her best friend to showcase how long they’ve been friends. This indie singer-songwriter looks absolutely gorgeous in her black dress and as viewers, we can’t help but hope she makes it to the birthday party on time. We’re so glad she did!

The final episode, episode six, titled “best in me”, is the most fun-filled visual we’ve seen all year as we are introduced to this bunny head mascot that ÊMIA and her friend wear in promotion of the community garden as part of their working life. We’ve all been there, doing those bad jobs – maybe not bunny mascot bad, but still – and it’s truly the friends around you that make the job better or easier to deal with. It’s clear they had a fun time filming this segment and that is reflected to the viewers who feel their good times while working a not-so-great job.

Promotional image for "VIDEO CALL: PM" which sees ÊMIA posing against a rail, with the New York skyline behind her, looking at the camera over her shoulder. She's wearing a white top and a silk skirt with a black bag and it's night time.

ÊMIA impresses to no end with this mini movie. We’ll say it again, this is a flawless masterpiece! It’s clear that her team worked extremely hard on making this, and it completely paid off. Absolutely stunning from start to finish, spotlighting ÊMIA and her six awesome “VIDEO CALL: PM” songs, whilst also showcasing to the viewers growth, empowerment, life, love, dumb luck, and belief in oneself. ÊMIA is just a New York woman, living her life to the best that she can whilst navigating crushes, dates, exes, long-distance friendships, and work work work.

Connecting with her audience on a deeper level, this project opens up her world with an exaggerated storyline, to let us all know that she, too, goes through life in a similar way that we do. While certain aspects may not be the same, certain challenges can be. If anything, ÊMIA has managed to form a more meaningful friendship with her fans than any other artist, and in doing so we can’t help but feel that she’s here for us, too, just like she is for her best friends, in her real life.

Promotional image for "VIDEO CALL: PM" which sees ÊMIA posing at night with the New York skyline behind her, on the floor.

It’s undeniable that this project would not have turned out so incredibly if it weren’t for ÊMIA’s team. The mini movie has been directed by Brittany Drays and Anh Le (ÊMIA), with the latter editing the visual, while Vivian Wang acted as Production Assistant & Set Dresser. The entire project starred Anh Le, Sarah Dreilich, elegy, Marian Carmel, Mathis Clement, RÓISIN, Bri Tew, JP, and Jack Lax. As for the “VIDEO CALL: PM” EP, Anh Le and Charlie Kurata wrote and produced all six tracks, with “cool like frozen yogurt” being co-produced by majent, and “stupid feelings” was a collaboration with Marian Carmel.

Watch “VIDEO CALL: PM the mini movie” by ÊMIA on YouTube here:

The release of this visual journey comes as a highly anticipated addition to ÊMIA’s already impressive videography, while the EP is an incredible addition to her discography. With millions of streams across her music and collaborations with notable artists and producers, this Brooklyn-based artist continues to push the boundaries of indie-pop, connecting with her audience through her relatable storytelling and catchy melodies.

“VIDEO CALL: PM the mini movie” is now available to view on YouTube, enriching the connection between ÊMIA and her fans, inviting them to dive even deeper into her world. This visual masterpiece is a testament to her incredible commitment to delivering not only exceptional music but also captivating visual experiences.

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