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“Super Fun Party Girl”: ÊMIA Unveils Vulnerability as She Navigates Masking Pain with Positivity in New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Brooklyn-based indie-pop sensation ÊMIA has once again captured hearts with the release of her latest single, “Super Fun Party Girl”. The track, a poignant blend of infectious beats and introspective lyrics, offers listeners a glimpse into the dualities of life’s highs and lows. This is a resonating pop anthem that you can certainly get behind! This acts as the follow-up to her previous single “Studio Apartment” and her 2023 EP “VIDEO CALL: PM

Written and produced by Anh Le (ÊMIA), “Super Fun Party Girl” is an unbelievably catchy indie-synth-pop-dance track that makes an impact from the very first second. Addictive flow and vibrant beats expand the track inspiring listeners to allow the song to blast away any pain and sadness that is felt and just be in the moment and be that “Super Fun Party Girl” even just for the duration of the track—then you hit repeat and continue the loop. The four-word title which is used as a slight hook in the song has us reminiscing over Bea Miller’s awesome positivity song “S.L.U.T.” (Sweet, Little, Unforgettable Thing).

Spreading positivity and good vibes only, ÊMIA shines with this new single, impressing once again with her gorgeous vocal range and beautiful delivery. Highly passionate, this track speaks not only to the party people of the world but to everyone who is going through tough times and just needs something to take their mind off their issues. An anthem to fuel good positive energy, “Super Fun Party Girl” is bound to make an impact on any party playlist, standing out for the unstoppable beat, astonishing vocals, and relatable lyrics.

Drawing from personal experiences, ÊMIA has delivered a song perfect for predrinks as you prepare for a night out, even when you don’t feel like it, knowing full well it may get a bit messy just like it did the night before, while also being aware that tears could fall at the end of the night as loneliness kicks in. Has there really been a more honest and authentic indie-synth-pop-dance track? Even so, her awesome vocal runs as the song nears its end certainly make this an extraordinary piece of art.

“I wrote and produced this in my bedroom in Brooklyn,” ÊMIA reveals, in the press release. “This is a song you listen to when you’re getting dressed for a wild night out that you know will end with you crying in the bathroom. It’s the feeling of dancing on tables and acting like a ‘super fun party girl’ as a way of masking the pain you’re going through.”

Official single cover artwork for "Super Fun Party Girl" which sees ÊMIA's torso showing a white dress with a white strap skirt. The image is filtered to a blue hue.
Official Single Cover Artwork for “Super Fun Party Girl” by ÊMIA.

“Super Fun Party Girl” has already made waves beyond the music scene, earning a spot on the Netflix Comedy Special “Ronny Chieng Takes Chinatown”. The exposure on such a prominent platform showcases the song’s universal appeal especially as they chose it to feature on the show, personally.

ÊMIA’s trajectory as an indie-pop sensation is undeniable, with a series of hit singles and collaborative projects cementing her status as a rising star in the genre. Her debut EP, “Little Secret”, a testament to her songwriting and production prowess, has resonated with millions of listeners worldwide, earning coveted placements on prominent Spotify playlists.

In a world filled with noise, ÊMIA’s music serves as a beacon of authenticity—a reminder that even amidst the chaos, there’s beauty to be found in vulnerability. So crank up the volume and join ÊMIA on this exhilarating ride as we celebrate the release of “Super Fun Party Girl”. We can so see 2024 becoming her best year yet!

“Super Fun Party Girl”, by ÊMIA, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via InternetGirl Records. Look out for the forthcoming music video for this single which is set to be released very soon.

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