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Imfinenow teams up with ÊMIA for the incredible new single “Deep Down”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Festival season may be over but Imfinenow and ÊMIA are determined to keep the tropical vibes flowing with their awesome new dance track, titled “Deep Down”. Emotional and powerful – we expect nothing less from ÊMIA’s incredible vocals – this is set to become our pre-party jam for the rest of the year. This acts as the follow-up to Imfinenow’s remix of fawlin’s single “Follow You Anywhere”; and ÊMIA’s single “Dumb Luck”.

Written by Anh Le (ÊMIA) and produced by Ferran Quintana Sanz (Imfinenow), “Deep Down” is an infectious tropical trance track that makes a huge impact on listeners from the very first listen. ÊMIA’s vocals start at the same time as the track itself putting her front and centre and allowing her to connect with her and her lyrics from the very first moment. The slow start allows us to relate to her lyrics and understand how we all can get absorbed into parts of our lives.

As the song progresses, ÊMIA delves deeper emotionally while stepping up her voice, hitting those upper-range notes and going into her falsetto. This matches the pace of the song as Imfinenow brings in an upbeat rhythm and an addictive groove right on time when the chorus hits. ÊMIA nails the chorus bringing fierce fired-up energy as she touches upon the ending of a relationship and how she wants to work it out and go back to falling head-over-heels in love. We live for the “Honeymoon moments” and totally love that moment when two people have fallen in deep, deep down. This song captures the longing of wanting to feel that way again.

This isn’t the first time that Imfinenow and ÊMIA have worked together, they previously released the 2022 single “liar” which was also in collaboration with 静的 Static, the 2020 single “Sleeptalking” – which is currently their most popular song on Spotify, ranking at the top of both their artists’ bios, and the 2020 single “Hurt by You”. These two clearly work well together and “Deep Down” is another flawless addition to their collaborative tracks, with both artists demonstrating their incredible artistry.

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