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Doja Cat’s “Paint The Town Red” Achieves a Remarkable Third Week at Number 1 on the UK Official Singles Chart

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a spectacular display of chart dominance, Doja Cat continues to paint the Official Singles Chart red as her smash hit “Paint The Town Red” secures its place at the number 1 spot for the third consecutive week. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the rapper and singer’s enduring popularity and the undeniable appeal of this infectious track.

“Paint The Town Red” maintains its reign at the top just as Doja Cat releases her highly anticipated fourth studio album, “Scarlet”, this week – so we expect to see “Demons” and/or “Attention” bounce back onto the chart alongside as well as new single “Agora Hills”, which has been released concurrent to the album.

This chart-topping song has proven to be a fan favourite, becoming the most-streamed track in the UK for the past seven days and amassing an impressive 6.2 million UK streams. Its infectious beats and captivating lyrics have undoubtedly struck a chord with music enthusiasts across the nation and it ingeniously samples Dionne Warwick’s timeless classic “Walk On By” – making this a total masterpiece.

Watch the official music video to “Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat here:

However, Doja Cat’s continued chart-topping success doesn’t come without competition. A rising star in the British music scene, Kenya Grace, is rapidly gaining ground and poses a potential threat to the top spot next week. Born in South Africa and raised in Southampton, Kenya Grace is a singer-songwriter and producer who is making waves with her major label debut, “Strangers.”

This week, “Strangers” makes an impressive leap up the chart, vaulting nine positions to achieve a brand new Top 5 peak, settling comfortably at Number 3. Kenya Grace’s emergence aligns with a resurgence of interest in drum and bass, a genre that’s been making waves in the music world.

The big question is whether Kenya Grace can maintain her momentum and challenge Doja Cat’s stronghold on the top spot in the coming week. With her remarkable rise and the undeniable appeal of “Strangers”, the possibility of a chart-topping showdown is certainly within reach.

As the music landscape continues to evolve, Doja Cat’s “Paint The Town Red” stands as a shining example of her ability to create music that resonates with audiences far and wide. Its catchy melodies and impactful lyrics have solidified its place as a chart-topping sensation.

Stream the number 1 UK single on Spotify here:

In addition to this being the third week in a row that she’s dominated the UK Singles Chart, this chart-topping track isn’t the only time she’s been successful in the UK. Here’s a look at some of Doja Cat’s highest-peaking tracks on the Official UK Singles Chart:

  • “Juicy” in collaboration with Tyga (80)
  • “Say So” (2)
  • “Boss Bitch” (24)
  • “Like That” featuring Gucci Mane (62)
  • “To Be Young” by Anne-Marie featuring Doja Cat (74)
  • “Baby, I’m Jealous” by Bebe Rexha featuring Doja Cat (86)
  • “Motive” by Ariana Grande & Doja Cat (16)
  • “Best Friend” by Saweetie featuring Doja Cat (35)
  • “Streets” (12)
  • “Kiss Me More” featuring SZA (3)
  • “Dick” by Starboi3 featuring Doja Cat (74)
  • “Need to Know” (11)
  • “Ain’t Shit” (26)
  • “You Right” in collaboration with The Weeknd (9)
  • “Woman” (13)
  • “Get Into It (Yuh)” (41)
  • “Freaky Deaky” in collaboration with Tyga (35)
  • “I Like You (A Happier Song)” Post Malone featuring Doja Cat (19)
  • “Vegas” (24)
  • “Attention” (37)
  • Demons” (53)

Doja Cat’s incredible three-week run at the top of the UK Official Singles Chart with “Paint The Town Red” is far more than a momentary triumph; it’s a testament to her lasting influence on the music industry. With each passing week, her impact becomes more apparent, and her future in the music world shines even brighter.

As we watch in anticipation for next week’s chart with the release of her fourth studio album “Scarlet”, it’s clear that Doja Cat’s journey to musical greatness is far from over. Her ability to capture the hearts of fans and break boundaries remains a beacon of inspiration for the entire industry, leaving us eager to witness the next chapters of her remarkable career.

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