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“adore u” by Fred Again.. & Obongjayar soars to Number 9 on UK Official Charts

by Jonathan Currinn
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On August 11, 2023, “adore u” by the dynamic duo Fred Again.. & Obongjayar officially graced the music scene, and its impact has been incredible! Today, the song has surged to new heights, securing the 9th position on the UK Official Singles Chart.

“adore u” embarked on its chart journey from a debut position at number 12, steadily dropping to number 17 and then rising to number 13 before achieving its current standing at number 9. This remarkable popularity is a testament to the unique blend of talent brought by Fred Again.. & Obongjayar and the song’s resonance with music lovers.

The lyrics of “adore u” are both soulful and heartfelt, weaving a narrative that captivates listeners: “I came first, but you’re ahead, ahead beyond your years / People try, they try to find this thing you’ve always been / I adore u”. These lyrics reflect the song’s emotional depth and the admiration it conveys.

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“adore u” has not only captivated UK audiences but also made a significant impact on the international music scene. The song soared to the 2nd position on the charts in Ireland, and it achieved a remarkable 3rd place in New Zealand. It also made its presence felt in Australia, where it secured the 41st position, and in the Netherlands’ Dutch Top 100, where it reached number 80.

Within the UK, “Adore U” continues to shine, currently holding the 8th position on the UK Sales Chart and the 5th spot on the UK Downloads Chart. The song’s impact extends to the UK Dance Singles Chart, where it achieved a remarkable peak at number 3.

The genesis of “adore u” traces back to Fred Again..’s live sets, where it was teased intermittently. However, it saw its official release on Friday, August 11, 2023, captivating listeners with its sampled vocals from Nigerian-born, London-based singer Obongjayar’s 2022 track “I Wish It Was Me.”

Both the original track and Fred Again..’s recontextualization are dedicated to the artists’ siblings – Fred’s to his younger sister and Obongjayar’s to his younger brother. Before premiering the then-unknown track in his Glastonbury 2023 set, Fred Again.. explained the heartfelt meaning behind this musical gem.

As “adore u” continues to enrapture fans across the world, we eagerly anticipate the future musical endeavours of Fred Again.. & Obongjayar and the impact their music will have on the charts.

“adore u”, brought to life by Fred Again.. & Obongjayar, is available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms via Atlantic Records under exclusive license to Warner Music UK Limited.

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