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“So Much In Love” by D.O.D hits new heights at Number 15 on UK Official Singles Charts

by Jonathan Currinn
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British DJ and record producer D.O.D has been making waves with his summer dance anthem, “So Much In Love”. This captivating track, released on April 21, 2023, has soared to new heights, securing the 15th position on the UK Official Singles Chart.

Since its debut at number 94, “So Much In Love” has been on a steady rise, moving from the 18th position to its current standing at number 15. This remarkable ascent reflects the magnetic pull of D.O.D’s music and the resonance it has found with new music listeners.

Watch the official music video to “So Much In Love” by D.O.D. here:

The lyrics of “So Much In Love” are a nostalgic journey, resonating with listeners: “Let us retract all the pain / We caused each other so long / Ooh, ooh, yeah / Let’s take it back to a time, / When we were so much in love, baby”. These lyrics capture the essence of the song, a desire to revisit a time when love was all-consuming.

Beyond the UK, “So Much In Love” has left its mark, reaching number 24 in Ireland. The song’s success extends to various UK charts, where it has achieved remarkable positions. It currently stands at number 3 on the UK Sales Chart and the UK Downloads Chart, highlighting its popularity among music buyers. Furthermore, “So Much In Love” has claimed the 8th spot on the UK Dance Chart, the 2nd position on the UK Independent Chart, and an impressive 1st place on the UK Independent Breakers Chart.

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D.O.D crafted “So Much In Love” with a specific intention—to ignite festival-goers into a state of euphoric motion. The track’s nostalgic chords and irresistible grooves are designed to get the crowd moving and dancing. An uncredited vocalist in the song yearns to revisit a previous era when she and her partner were “so much in love”. Their passionate connection was not without its share of turmoil, with emotional wounds inflicted on each other. Now, she longs to rewind time and retract every ounce of pain that’s been caused.

As “So Much In Love” continues to captivate music listeners and festival-goers, we eagerly anticipate the future musical endeavors of D.O.D and the impact he will make on the dance music scene.

“So Much In Love” by D.O.D is now available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms via Armada Music.

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