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Måneskin’s “Honey (Are U Coming)” Adds a Sweet Touch to the UK Official Singles Chart at Number 75

by Jonathan Currinn
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The Italian sensations Måneskin has graced the UK Official Singles Chart with their captivating track, “Honey (Are U Coming)”, making its debut at an enchanting number 75. This love-infused anthem invites listeners into a world of yearning and adventure, beautifully expressed through music.

“Honey (Are U Coming)” is an irresistible love song that beckons the listener to a place where time stands still and hope is boundless. The lyrics encapsulate the essence of romance as the vocalist extends an invitation to join them on a journey of love and discovery. It’s a heartfelt plea, accentuated by the recurring question, “Honey, are you coming?”

The song’s subtlety and charm are evident in its verses, where the singer’s longing for a meaningful connection is palpable. Måneskin’s lead vocalist, Damiano David, masterfully conveys the desire to share a profound romance, making the song’s meaning crystal clear.

Watch the official music video to “Honey (Are U Coming)” by Måneskin here:

While the Eurovision winners have left room for interpretation regarding the song’s inspiration, the lyrics themselves leave little doubt that “Honey (Are U Coming)” is indeed a love song at its core. Whether it’s a tale of adventurism, admiration, or the adventures they’ve experienced during their travels, the song’s emotional depth remains undeniable.

“Honey (Are U Coming)” has not only graced the UK Official Singles Chart but has also made an impact on charts around the world. It reached number 3 on the Netherlands’ Dutch Top 100 chart, number 6 in Latvia, number 14 on New Zealand’s Hot Singles chart, number 16 on the Japan Hot Overseas chart, and number 17 on the Netherlands’ Tipparade chart. It also managed to hit number 20 in Latvia and Slovakia, number 28 in the Czech Republic, and number 32 in Italy. Add that to number 43 in Switzerland, number 80 in Germany, number 98 on Poland’s Airplay Top 100 chart, and number 140 in France.

In the UK, the track has found its place, charting at number 41 on the UK Sales Chart and number 40 on the UK Downloads Chart.

Listeners can now savour the sweet sounds of “Honey (Are U Coming)” by Måneskin on all major streaming and download platforms, courtesy of Epic and Sony Music Entertainment Italy. While it may have made its debut at number 75 on the UK Official Singles Chart, the song’s charm is bound to enchant audiences far and wide, reaffirming Måneskin’s status as an international music sensation.

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