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Jacana People Unveil Ethereal New Single “Lilo” for 2024

by Jonathan Currinn
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London-based producers Jacana People are back with their first musical offering of 2024, presenting the mesmerising single “Lilo”. Following a remarkable 2023 that included their debut EP release, “Sunblind”, and exciting collaborations with notable artists like Antony Szmierek, Anna Phoebe, Lawrence Hart, and Neil Cowley, this duo continues to soar in the electronic music scene. This acts as the follow-up to their previous single “Ankledeep”.

Written by the duo, Aaron Miller and Robert Wheatley, “Lilo” marks a radiant evolution for Jacana People, encapsulating an irresistible and uplifting melody. With its blend of ethereal pads and intricate percussion, the song crafts a buoyant and serene ambience that evokes visions of the rejuvenating summer ahead.

Official single artwork for "Lilo" by Jacana People which showcases desert hills with a lavender sky.

“Lilo” invites listeners on a serene and blissful journey through its delicate interplay of soundscapes. The track’s beautiful beats and captivating rhythms evoke the essence of a summer beach getaway, transporting you to a relaxing and carefree atmosphere.

The tropical melodies have us thinking of Hawaii, and while we can only guess at the reasoning behind the title of the song, we can’t help but feel that it may be named after a young Disney Hawaiian character who befriends a blue alien experiment creature. We’re sure that Lilo and Stitch would absolutely love this relaxation track. Bringing the summer heat to a blissful beach setting, this new song has us obsessed with the need to destress and chill out.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, this electronic duo shared, “In December last year, we were just writing non-stop, focusing on some more downtempo, reflective moments. With ‘Lilo’, it happened really quickly one evening, late at the studio – we had these lush chords and old-school drums, and the track just felt instantly nostalgic. Even though it was the middle of winter, we were chasing those long, sprawling summers, being outside. [This song] is all about that warmth and joy you feel when the seasons start to change, and the escape that comes with that.”

The release of this track follows a whirlwind year for Jacana People, highlighted by the successful launch of their debut EP “Sunblind” and live performances alongside Porij, George FitzGerald, Yunè Punku, T.E.E.D., Maria Chiara Argiró, and Model Man. Notably, the duo showcased their live prowess with a headline performance at the iconic London venue, The Social.

With over 15 million streams to date, they have solidified their place in the music industry, having collaborated with esteemed artists and graced remix duties for Barry Can’t Swim, TIBASKO, and Emancipator. Their most-streamed track on Spotify, to date, is “Era” which has raked in over 2.7 million streams, It’s clear that they’re going to conquer 2024 and mark off some huge achievements.

This brand-new single sets the stage for an exciting musical journey in 2024, promising listeners an enchanting blend of nostalgia and anticipation for the warmer months ahead.

“Lilo”, by Jacana People, is available to download and stream, across all platforms, via Hide The Moth. Look out for their future releases as this rising duo are set to become electronic music 2024’s most viral act.

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