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Ed Prosek Explores Identity and Belonging in “The Foreigner” EP

by Jonathan Currinn
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Acclaimed California-born and Berlin-based artist Ed Prosek is back with a brand new musical journey, delving deep into themes of identity and belonging with his latest EP, “The Foreigner”. This is his official fifth EP overall and consists of six tracks. His last music releases were in 2021, so it truly is a comeback with this collection of tracks. The release of this EP acts as the follow-up to the fifth single taken from this collection, titled “Tell A Lie”.

“The Foreigner” takes listeners on a profound internal journey through six heartfelt songs. Prosek, a gifted singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, demonstrates his versatility by blending timeless chamber orchestration, eloquent Americana storytelling, and intimate pop, all masterfully crafted.

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This EP’s lyrical narrative revolves around Prosek’s constant sense of not quite belonging, regardless of his location. As he shares, “As an American in Europe, I’ll never be fully European, but at the same time, when I go home, I feel like a tourist there as well. A strange reality that leaves me confused about my identity and my feelings of ‘home.’ This EP was written in one of the most important/exciting times of my life. It documents the highs and the lows of love and anxiety and it does so from the perspective of my inner monologue.”

“Hallelujah” kickstarts the EP off by initiating a gentle acoustic guitar rhythm prior to Ed Prosek stunning us with his flawless voice. Capturing so much emotion in his deliverance of the lyrics, Prosek manages to showcase his artistic talent when it comes to music, engaging his audience and truly making us connect with this heartfelt song.

Following that track is “Man Overboard”, keeping with the soft acoustic vibes but Prosek brings a lower registry vocal giving a deeper and more complex emotional track. The song progresses into a fuller-sounding track as soon as the chorus hits, allowing this singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist to bring a more powered vocal to the mix.

Next up is “Ever After (Wedding Song)”, and as you can imagine, this is a sweet love song wrapped around a folk-indie-pop sound and gorgeous vocal harmonies, set to send chills down every listener as he proposes to his other half, asking her to marry him. This is followed up by “Vertigo”, which brings a whole different sonic indie concept as an upbeat progressive banjo starts the track off with various instruments flowing in to create this indie-progressive song. The drums hit hard becoming a key mainstay of the track, as Prosek matches the addictive energy, impressing with the pre-lyrical chorus as he brings awesome vocal runs and hits those all-important high notes.

The fifth track on the EP is the title track, “The Foreigner”, which is the unheard release and the focus track on the EP. The song pulls the EP back again, into the acoustic indie soft sound that Prosek completely shines in, truly allowing his voice to take the spotlight. A deeply personal track, Prosek really hits home within the lyrics on this one as he tells us his story of feeling like he doesn’t belong no matter where he calls home. Highly personal, this one is a total stand-out on the EP – no wonder it’s the title track.

The EP ends with “Tell a Lie”, an impressive addicting track that mixes vocalise into the backing track amongst the acoustic guitar chords and drum beats as Prosek brings a twang twist to his superb vocals, delving into lyrics of a broken relationship that just isn’t working no matter what they do to try and make it work. As the song comes to an end, Prosek experiments with ’80s electro-indie-rock energy, going all out to make a lasting impression on the listener – and that’s exactly what he does.

Ed Prosek’s background is as diverse as his music which explains the genre-blending found in his new EP. With a Czech father and an Italian mother, his family roots have always reached toward the old world. He began studying classical trumpet at the young age of eight, a pursuit that continued until he turned twenty. Later, he attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. After a spell in the UK, Prosek eventually found his way to Berlin, where he has put down roots and created his unique brand of music.

Through these experiences and sounds, Prosek has honed his signature style, striking a balance between chamber orchestration, Americana storytelling, and pop. “The Foreigner” is the culmination of his musical evolution and life experiences, reflecting his journey to become the best and happiest version of himself. The EP showcases his faultless talents as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, managing to blend a multitude of genres and bringing a worldly indie sound to his music, making him a unique quality star who seeks to stamp his own way through music.

The official EP cover artwork for "The Foreigner" by Ed Prosek which is a highly conceptualised collection of "foreign" items, crafted in an artistic art painting, with a black and white image of Ed Prosek thrown in.

Ed Prosek’s new EP, “The Foreigner”, is a testament to his artistic growth and the complexities of identity and belonging. It’s undeniable how talented his artistry really is.

“The Foreigner”, by Ed Prosek, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Nettwerk Music Group.

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