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Stunning Debut Single “Goodwill” by NOANNE: A Mesmerising Blend of Music, Film, and AI

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a world dominated by conformity, emerging artist NOANNE has broken free from the norm with her debut single, “Goodwill”. A melodic journey that begins as a love story and takes a unique twist, “Goodwill” isn’t just a song; it’s a cinematic experience that melds film, theatre, music, and the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

NOANNE, who has called the city of Prague home for over a decade, has crafted a sound that paints vivid landscapes of raw emotions and unconventional perspectives. She’s an artist who weaves a mesmerising tapestry of sound, drawing listeners into her realm of introspection and self-discovery. Introverted by nature, she finds solace and inspiration in the stages of theatre, the reels of film, and the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Within these immersive artistic mediums, NOANNE sheds the veil of self-consciousness and steps into the spotlight of pure artistic expression, leaving no corner of her soul unexplored.

The journey of “Goodwill” began in 2020, marking the inception of NOANNE’s remarkable musical voyage. However, it was in 2022 that the single transformed into an incredible masterpiece when American producer Gregory Darling lent his soulful touch to the track.

Watch the official music video to “Goodwill” by NOANNE here:

The song starts slowly, bringing progressive artistry as we await the forthcoming storm, building to an explosive chorus that resonates deeply with listeners, hitting us right in the heart. With emotional lyrics and dynamic production, “Goodwill” captivates the mind and soul, making listeners reflect and relate. NOANNE doesn’t hold back, her flawless high-octane vocals are impressive, to say the least; her ability to flood this song with emotion and captivate us all with that awesome voice is truly next level.

The track, which initially appears to be a love story, takes a unique twist, as the introspective lyrics suggest a toxic relationship that just gets worse, resulting in the end of her life both physically and metaphorically. The haunting track has this ethereal vibe almost as if she’s singing this song from the other side. Sonically inspired by Sharon Kovacs, whose atmospheric music nods to a theatrical world, “Goodwill” emits an eerie, melancholy vibe, hypnotising the listener with its Chinese mandolin sound.

NOANNE met music video director Sasha Needmor in Tbilisi, Georgia, where they solidified her determination to blend film, theatre, music, and AI in her artistic endeavours. Fueled by a deep connection to Georgia, NOANNE initiated dialogues with numerous renowned production teams in Tbilisi to give birth to the visual masterpiece accompanying the “Goodwill” single.

Over three days in November 2022, the video production involved a dedicated crew of over 15 people and approximately 50 hours of shooting, with Sasha Needmor acting as director and Sonya Sepmanson acting as producer – both of whom came up with the visual concept.

Stream the newly-released single on Spotify here:

The resulting visual work masterfully embodies the shared convictions and personal dedications of everyone involved. It serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to artistic excellence, which beautifully complements the core message within the “Goodwill” single – the notion that good intentions may sometimes lead to unintended consequences.

From the narrative intricacies and artful cinematography to the breathtaking attire and distinctive backdrop, the cinematic creation is a genuine marvel. We watch NOANNE portray a woman who isn’t getting what she needs from her husband (played by Denys Panchenko) and ends up poisoning him, in a vengeful act. It offers a tantalising glimpse into NOANNE’s profound affection for the world of theatre, granting a portal into her sincere devotion to the art of acting.

Check out the live studio version of the track here:

As NOANNE’s “Goodwill” continues to capture the hearts and minds of listeners, it’s evident that her unique approach to music and artistry is destined to make a lasting impact.

“Goodwill”, by NOANNE, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. A live version has also been released, where NOANNE performed the track live at 2LionStudio. This is just the start for this amazing singer-songwriter, and we’re excited to hear more music from her.

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