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Alex Maher Unveils “Red Planet” Single and Captivating Live Visual

by Jonathan Currinn
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Filipinx-Canadian artist Alex Maher has just unveiled a heartfelt musical journey with his latest release, “Red Planet”. This soulful creation comes packed with emotional depth and is complemented by an engaging live performance music video. This acts as the follow-up to his feature on Vandelux’s remix EP for the song “Matter of Time”.

“Red Planet” isn’t merely a song—it’s an emotional odyssey woven by Maher. Using Mars’ desolate landscape as a poignant metaphor, he encapsulates the struggles of unresolved despair and isolation. The track serves as a rallying call to break free from these emotional confines, promoting self-empowerment and proactive change.

Promotional image for "Red Planet" which sees a head shot of Alex Maher facing the right as he wears a black sweater and a black cap with a countryside landscape blurred in the background.

Full of addicting beats and sonic loops, Maher impresses with his undeniable talent as he coalesces his awesome vocals around flowing melodies and galactic rhythms. His ability to create a connection between his heartfelt vocals, his emotional lyrics, and his infectious backing beat truly allows him to shine and build a bond with his audience, effortlessly enabling us to relate to the track overall.

Maher’s musical finesse continues to shine throughout the song as he blends soulful vocals, captivating saxophone melodies, dynamic keys, synth beats, SPDSX drum rhythms, and electrifying guitar riffs. This isn’t just music—it’s an immersive journey.

Layers of emotions, intricate harmonies, and irresistible rhythms combine, promising to tug at heartstrings and ignite a kinetic response. The live music video, directed and edited by Joey Senft shows Maher’s addicting stage presence, his ability to draw us in as he performs live, and also showcases his artistic craft. We watch him play a variety of instruments that really take this song and visual to a whole new level.

“Every night as I commuted back to my temporary home in Calgary, I was aware of a constant companion just above the horizon: the planet Mars. Out of that came a metaphor, for when we give in to helplessness and self-isolate,” says Alex. “This song is about getting out of that orbit, being accountable, and proactive. I hope this song encourages self-reflection.”

Currently calling Winnipeg home after his ventures in Vancouver, Maher’s musical repertoire spans solo triumphs and collaborative ventures with DNA6 and Flannel Jimmy. His 2020 EDM collaboration with Vandelux, “Matter of Time”, charted well on the Billboard Dance Charts sticking around for over nine weeks, amassing a staggering 54 million Spotify streams – for some reason, it fails to appear on his Spotify profile page, instead showcasing “No One Else” as his most-streamed track.

Since the release of his celebrated EP, “Dream Final”, in February 2020, Maher has graced stages nationally and internationally, sharing spotlights with luminaries like Moontricks and The Funk Hunters. Opening for iconic acts like Weezer, The Proclaimers, and Wide Mouth Mason, Maher’s musical prowess knows no bounds. This is his first solo music release since his 2020 EP, and he proves his incredible potential with this song; it looks like he’s set for a brilliant 2024.

“Red Planet”, by Alex Maher, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. It isn’t just a simple track; it’s Maher’s invitation to explore the depths of human emotions. It’s a heartfelt anthem fostering self-reflection and empowerment, resonating deeply with the complexities of our lives.

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