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“Carolina”: The FrannyO Show’s New Single Explores the Meaning of Home

by Jonathan Currinn
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The FrannyO Show, led by the versatile and dynamic Fran O’Connell, has recently released their latest single, “Carolina”. The track is now available on all major music services and comes ahead of their much-anticipated album, “Big Box Of Time,” set to drop on August 9, 2024. This acts as their first release of this year, following up last year’s single “Forever and a Day”.

“Carolina”, the lead single from the forthcoming sophomore album, “Big Box Of Time”, encapsulates O’Connell’s belief that home is not a physical place but a feeling of belonging. The song encapsulates Americana from the get-go giving a guitar-driven flow and an engaging rhythm that fuses well with O’Connell’s vocals.

The official single cover artwork for "Carolina", which looks like a piece of cardboard with The FrannyO Show written on it along with the song's title.

The addicting chorus effortlessly connects with the audience, adding a layer of relatability while also allowing him to showcase his vocal runs, hitting us right in the core. The storytelling lyrics captivate his listeners and as the track builds we get an incredible guitar segment that truly represents the desire of wanting to come home. As the track comes to an end, the yearning to return home reaches a powerful ache in one’s heart, that we can all feel, fuelled by another impressive guitar rhythm section. Emotional and touching, this is set to resonate with listeners on a deeper level willing us to listen on repeat.

The song was inspired by a poignant moment during Fran O’Connell’s divorce when his daughter, Briana, ran to greet him, reminding him that his true home was with his children. “I literally felt like I was a man without a home—until something happened that I’ll never forget,” Fran recalls. “I can vividly remember Briana running up to greet me after I moved out. As she hugged me, I bent down to kiss her head and smelled her hair. It was at that moment that I understood I still had a home. My ‘home’ was wherever my daughters were, because home isn’t a place but a sense of belonging in each other’s hearts.”

Additionally, the animated lyric video for “Carolina” is a touching and emotional complement to the song. The video features a heartfelt narrative about a man and a dog, capturing the essence of the song’s message. The FrannyO Show skillfully evokes deep emotions, making this video a poignant experience for viewers. We encourage you to watch the YouTube video below, as it is sure to resonate with you, touch your heart, and leave a lasting impression.

Fran O’Connell, the creative force behind The FrannyO Show, shares that his sense of wealth transcends conventional monetary definitions. “I consider myself extremely wealthy, but not in a conventional way,” O’Connell says. “What I’m doing right now, this very day—as a nurse and business owner-turned-musician—makes me feel wealthy beyond measure in happiness and friendships.”

This perspective stems from O’Connell’s formative experiences with life and death. Growing up in a large household with his extended family, he was deeply influenced by his grandfather, who lived with the family until he moved to a nursing home at 97, where he spent his final two weeks. This experience left an indelible mark on O’Connell, shaping his views on the importance of family and home.

At 20, after his grandfather’s passing, Fran O’Connell was uncertain about his future. While studying speech pathology at the University of Massachusetts, he took a basic nursing class, inspired by the importance he had seen in keeping loved ones at home. This decision laid the groundwork for his life’s work and, eventually, his music.

Black and white photo of Fran O'Connell performing as The FrannyO Show on the streets, outside a store, with a guitar around him and a hat. It looks like he's busking.

Around a decade ago, Fran O’Connell’s life took another turn while at his vacation home in Vieques, Puerto Rico. He stumbled upon a guitar he had bought for his daughter, Alison, which reignited his passion for music. This discovery led to the formation of The FrannyO Show, through which he has released two EPs, a full-length album, and a series of singles, steadily building a dedicated following.

The FrannyO Show’s music is a unique blend of Americana, blues, country, and rock, infused with O’Connell’s distinctive humour and rhythms from his experiences in the Caribbean. As Fran describes, “If you put Delta Blues, New England folk, classic Country, Irish tongue-in-cheek humor, and Caribbean rhythm into a pot and let it simmer, you’d get The FrannyO Show.”

Through his music and life experiences, Fran O’Connell continues to share the wisdom he has gained from those he has cared for and loved. “I’ve tried to make certain that I never forgot the gifts from the people I was taking care of—what they told me about their lives, their regrets, etc. I’ve learned from those experiences and applied them to both the people I love and the music I make.”

The official album artwork for their forthcoming sophomore LP "Big Box of Time" which looks like a box with a variety of things in, including a guitar and a hat.

Their new single, “Carolina” is now available for streaming, providing a heartfelt preview of what fans can expect from The FrannyO Show’s upcoming album, “Big Box Of Time”. Expect the release of the sophomore album on August 9, and expect more music drops as they build anticipation for the LP.

“Carolina”, by The FrannyO Show, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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