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Just Listen: A Rising Artist Breaking Boundaries and Redefining the Hip-Hop Landscape

by Jonathan Currinn
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In the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles’ music scene, a rising star is making waves, and his name is Just Listen. Signed to Maze Records, this Hip-Hop maverick has been freshening up the industry both locally and globally since the release of his debut single, “Good Girl”, in October of last year.

Blending the boundaries of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop, Just Listen skillfully challenges music conventions. Whether delivering electrifying 20-minute showcases or casting a spell with hour-long performances, he not only captivates audiences but firmly establishes himself as an undeniable presence in the industry.

Propelled into the limelight through collaborations with industry titans like Ma$e, Just Listen’s rise to prominence gained momentum. His debut single, “Good Girl”, achieved a remarkable milestone, accumulating over 1 million streams within a mere month—a solid proof of his natural talent and irresistible charm that just can’t be ignored, allowing his music to stand out for all the right reasons.

Written by Just Listen, himself, while it was produced by Nicholas Cauton, “Good Girl” comes in at just under two minutes and solidifies itself as an addictive, genre-blending, transformative track that has a hook we swear you won’t forget. Forging new ground, Just Listen takes hip-hop and flows in awesome R&B vibes and adds pop and dance beats to it, ensuring that this concoction will sit well with a variety of listeners.

In doing so, Just Listen makes a huge impact in the world of music. His rap flow is off the charts, his R&B vocals hit different, and his natural ability to infuse pop into this multi-genre hip-hop track is undeniable. Add that to the dark beats that transform across genres and the real lyrics that are bound to relate and empower listeners across genders, truly makes this track a hip-hop staple that we not only can groove to but one that deserves to be added to a variety of playlists.

Promotional image which sees Just Listen crossing a road with his back to the camera showing off his hoddie with a skull print on the back. There's a huge LED screen in front of him.

The accompanying music video, directed by NOAH and filmed in Atlanta, effortlessly reflects the lyrics of the song while infusing comedic scenes that allows the visual to fully stand out. We watch Just Listen attend a party before driving away with a woman (played by Jae Vixenz) who lets him know that she can be bad, sometimes. This leads to her driving his car before they attend another party.

Beyond the music, Just Listen has cultivated impactful alliances with prominent brands like Sprayground, Rap Snacks, Adidas, and BET+. Collaborative ventures with respected artists such as J. Holiday and Fivio Foreign emphasise his diverse influence and substantial footprint within the industry.

Not content with conquering just the music realm, Just Listen is also the co-founder of V.I.R.L Brand alongside producer NOAH. This fashion brand, set to launch in Spring ’24, embodies the spirit of being “Verified In Real Life”. The brand was featured in the official music video for “Good Girl”.

Born in Richmond, KY, and raised in South Carolina since the age of 5, Just Listen’s musical journey began as a unique expression of his love for music. From freestyle sessions with friends to realising his true talent, he eventually embraced rap. In 2017, he took a pivotal step in his career by relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, and adopting the moniker “Just Listen.” A significant turning point came with his deal with hip-hop luminary Ma$e, who provided guidance to steer his career in the right direction.

As Just Listen continues to make waves, his impact extends far beyond “Good Girl”. His monumental rise signifies a transformative era in hip-hop. His debut single is currently available to download and stream, right now, across platforms, via RichFish.

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