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“A Little Bit Of Honey”: Marius Billgobenson Soulfully Serenades and Melts Hearts With His New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Marius Billgobenson, the esteemed Congolese guitarist and musical ambassador now based in Stockholm, Sweden, is poised to captivate listeners worldwide with his latest single, “A Little Bit of Honey”. This soulful anthem, recorded in Los Angeles under two-time Grammy-winning producer Paul Brown’s guidance promises to envelop audiences in a world of warmth and affection. This acts as the follow-up to his 2021 sophomore album “The Spirit Love”.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of jazz, R&B, and soul influences, Billgobenson’s music reaches listers worldwide, reflecting a lifetime of diverse experiences. “A Little Bit of Honey” is a heartfelt track full of poetic expression of love’s incredible ability to transform. With its enchanting melodies and sincere lyrics, the song invites listeners to enjoy life’s sweetest moments.

Official single cover for "A Little Bit of Honey" which sees Marius Billgobenson sitting playing his guitar.

The collaborative effort behind this release is evident, with the talented editor Jaqui Brown and a lineup of sought-after session musicians, including David Garfield, Ron King, Tony Braunagel, Shane Theriot, and Freddie Washington, contributing to its soulful ambience.

Held with a contemporary heartfelt soul, the gorgeous melody introduces the jazz-soul vocals of Billgobenson. This beautiful track dives into a variety of inspirations while carving an intricate sound that is uniquely its own, while we’re captivated by the R&B vibes and the relatable lyrics.

Billgobenson’s artistic journey began in a small village in Congo, surrounded by the mesmerising sounds of his community and the natural harmony of the forest. His early life, marked by these enchanting influences and the harsh realities of witnessing discrimination during Congo’s civil war, deeply influenced his mission to use music as a platform for marginalised voices.

Throughout the Congo’s civil war, Billgobenson endured severe hardships, including months spent surviving in the forest. These trying times profoundly impacted him, drawing him closer to the traditional wisdom and resilience of the forest people. As he navigated this difficult period, Billgobenson’s perspective on life shifted dramatically, fostering a deep appreciation for its fragility and beauty.

Marius Billgobenson standing on what looks like a typical Beverly Hills road, holding a guitar case, wearing a white jacket and a blue shirt as well as some shades.

Through “A Little Bit of Honey”, Billgobenson invites us to pause, listen, and rediscover the beauty of life amidst adversity. This release highlights Billgobenson’s artistic growth and unwavering dedication to crafting melodies that resonate emotionally and touch the soul.

“A Little Bit of Honey”, by Marius Billgobenson, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Blue Willow Entertainment and Gobenson Record Label Productions.

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