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The Gleeman’s ‘Somebody’: A Tale of Love, Loss, and Redemption

by Jonathan Currinn
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The Gleeman, known for his soulful melodies and heartfelt storytelling, is back with a brand new single, titled “Somebody”, that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of his listeners. The track acts as the follow-up to the 7th Heaven remixes of his previous single “Marie”, and it is the second single from his highly anticipated debut album, “Something To Say”, slated for release next year.

“Somebody” weaves a tale of conflicting emotions, touching on themes of loss, loneliness, and the yearning for companionship, all while grappling with feelings of guilt and betrayal. The song’s catchy chorus draws listeners in with it’s addicting melody and unforgettable relatability, as it steadily builds with impressive harmonies and expanding brass. Gaining momentum, the song ends with clarity and belief that moving on after losing a loved one is not only possible but also can be the right thing to do if the opportunity comes along.

The Gleeman impresses vocally and emotionally with this incredible song. “Somebody” has brilliantly crafted lyrics that make an impact on the listener, and invoke heartfelt emotion, regardless of whether we can relate personally or not. Impactful throughout, this rising singer-songwriter completely shines, giving a presence of vulnerability that only opens his world to his listeners, more so.

Watch the official music video for “Somebody” by The Gleeman here:

The music video for “Somebody” is visually engaging and has been directed by BAFTA-winning and EMMY-nominated TV & Feature Film Director, Martin Gooch. The video features acclaimed actresses Genevieve Gaunt, known for her roles in “Knighfall” where she played Princess Isabella in season two and “The Royals” where she played Wilhelmina “Willow” Moreno Henstridge; and, Emily Milburn, an Australian actress who is best known for playing Caitlin Atkins in “Neighbours” during the ’90s. Gooch’s direction adds depth to the song’s narrative, creating a compelling visual story.

“’Somebody’ forms part of a collection of songs which come under the banner of ‘The Ballad Of Aaron & Amy’ that feature the same protagonists and weave a single narrative across them,” says The Gleeman. “After losing the love of his life 10 years prior, Aaron is conflicted and torn. On one hand, he continues to feel lonely and desires to share his life with ‘Somebody’. On the other, he is trepidatious that he will be betraying his former partner if he moves on. In his desperation for a resolve, he beseeches through the ether for a sign from her that it’s OK.”

The intricate use of black and white filters to suggest the past as well as visiting “Amy” through the ether, to hopefully find an answer to whether he should date again, is both charming and sweet. Thrown in during this part is a performance piece where The Gleeman goes all out to perform this song for his love interest, played by Genevieve Gaunt, showcasing his captivating stage presence and his natural-born ability to perform. It’s clear he belongs on a stage. The ending wraps the narrative up, as we see “Amy” give “Aaron” the sign he has been looking for.

Collaborating with a talented ensemble of musicians, The Gleeman brings his vision to life. The track features Fred Abbott (Noah and the Whale) on electric guitar, Ash Soan (known for his work with Tori Amos and Adele) on drums, and David Grant (Fame Academy) on backing vocals. The song also benefits from new Radio and Dolby Atmos mixes by Ash Howes (Ellie Goulding, One Direction). Grammy-nominated producer Will Hicks, known for his work with Ed Sheeran and James Blunt, also contributes his electric guitar skills alongside producing the track.

Stream the newly-released song on Spotify here:

Personal tragedy struck The Gleeman when he lost both his parents to dementia in 2020. Witnessing the positive impact of music on dementia patients inspired him to collaborate with Music For Dementia, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of this therapeutic power. He continues to work closely with the charity to support their cause.

The Gleeman’s journey serves as a testament to the idea that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. His upcoming debut album, “Something To Say”, promises to deliver honest, well-crafted songs inspired by his upbringing in Helston, personal loss, inspirational figures, and insightful reflections on mental health.

“Somebody”, by The Gleeman, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Look out for his forthcoming debut album, “Something To Say”, which is set to drop next year. The Gleeman has also been confirmed as a special guest to Merseyside musician Ian Prowse (Pele /Amsterdam) at his 30th Anniversary shows for his seminal Pele album “Fireworks” and also to Starsailor on the final night of their 20th Anniversary “Silence Is Easy” UK tour. Catch them live at:

As a special guest to Ian Prowse


As a special guest to Starsailor


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