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“Monster”: Lo Lauren Unveils Spooky Sensations in Latest Single and Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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With a track record of successful singles and an amassed 350,000 streams under her belt, rising pop sensation, Lo Lauren, presents her latest creation, “Monster”, ready to captivate audiences once again. She is no stranger to acclaim, having already garnered recognition from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and local BBC Introducing platforms. This release acts as the follow-up to her sophomore single, “Only One on Earth”.

In collaboration with Andysocialclub and KIN, this female singer-songwriter masterfully navigates her introspective songwriting in “Monster”, delicately crafting a narrative around an impassioned yet forbidden love. Rooted in her own personal journey, the track delves into the intricate conflict between desire and morality, vividly portraying the tumultuous emotions that accompany such an intense experience.

Filled with the signature elements of Lo Lauren’s music – infectious pop hooks, evocative guitar melodies, and pulsing bass – this new track is an anthem meant to be embraced with ecstatic vigour. The song’s lyrics poignantly reflect the complexities of desire and moral conflict, delving into the intricate web of emotions entwined with yearning for someone involved in a relationship – a profound narrative that most of us can resonate with, leading us to effortlessly relate to the track.

Watch the accompanying music video here:

Showcasing her gorgeous vocals full of captivating emotion that hits us right in the heart, this rising star shines incredibly as she connects with her listeners. The first verse is the perfect lead-up into the unforgettable pre-chorus bridge that then crescendoes into an irresistible chorus that is set to stay with us for the rest of the day. Her effortless contrasting of indie-pop-rock with her sweet and honest lyrics that showcase she isn’t a monster, she just wishes she was, conceptualises the imaginary storyline she would go down if she was the said evil person but instead, she just “wasn’t built that way” – and neither were we, hence why this is so easy to relate to.

Accompanying the single release is a remarkable music video that has been created by Lo Lauren and Sam Sure, with Ralph Fuller shooting the visual and allowing them to crash his house one random day – according to the YouTube description. Taking the narrative of the song and conceptualising it with Lo Lauren sitting in front of a TV, eating popcorn and channel switching (our favourite thing to do when we watch music videos). She soon switches over to herself spooked up for Halloween as she performs the track, showcasing the “monster” she wishes she could be.

During the party scene, we see devil-Lo Lauren hug a guy, suggesting he’s the guy that she’s fallen for, and the channel-switching Lo Lauren swaps the channel over, only to be shown Halloween visuals for the next few channels before going back to devil version of herself, at the party. Passion overload is shown in the next scenes as she performs with so much honesty and heart, clearly meaning every single word of the song. The final scene sees her sitting on the couch munching on popcorn before singing the final lyric “I wish I was a monster” – don’t we all!

Stream the recently released single on Spotify here:

Talking about the track, the rising star said, “‘Monster’ is about wanting to be with someone that’s already in a relationship – a tricky situation that I personally went through! It’s a true question of morals and being torn over what’s right and wrong – should I break someone else’s heart or my own?”

This release follows the success of her previous singles, “Never The One” and “Only One on Earth”, which received acclaim from BBC Radio and publications like Wonderland Magazine, Notion, NME, and more. Her ability to weave personal experiences into anthemic pop compositions has solidified her place in the music scene, resonating deeply with listeners.

Lo Lauren’s artistic trajectory promises more emotionally charged offerings, breathing new life into pop music with her unfiltered vulnerability and raw emotional depth. Her new single release stands as a testament to her ability to transcend conventional boundaries, inviting audiences into a realm where human emotions are laid bare without hesitation.

“Monster”, by Lo Lauren, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

Promotional photo for "Monster" which sees Lo Lauren wearing a pink sweatshirt, sitting crossed legged on the floor, eating red sweet laces.

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