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“Kiss in December”: Tara MacLean’s Captivating Winter Melody Featuring Catherine MacLellan & KINLEY

by Jonathan Currinn
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Canadian singer-songwriter Tara MacLean has unveiled a captivating winter tale through her newest release, “Kiss in December”, featuring Catherine MacLellan and KINLEY. Known for her illustrious career spanning over 25 years, MacLean’s journey in the music industry has been a fusion of accolades and soulful melodies with this track bringing in a new era. This acts as the official follow-up to MacLean’s seventh studio album, “Sparrow”, which she released back in March; Catherine MacLellan’s 2021 “Holiday” EP; and KINLEY’s single “Drift”.

Written by Catherine MacLellan and Tara MacLean, with the former also producing the track, “Kiss in December” emerges as a poignant reflection on a winter romance, encapsulating a real-life moment that altered MacLean’s path many winters ago. The song, originally conceived as a poem, weaves a narrative of warmth entwined with the chill of the season. Yet, beneath its surface, it carries a touch of melancholy.

Full of storytelling vibes and imaginative lyrics, MacLean transports listeners into the world of the song with the help of MacLellan and KINLEY. The soft slow ballad has a country essence about it as all three artists shine throughout with astonishing vocals and incredible harmonies that send winter chills to all who listen. The solo strings at the end adds to the harmonious sound, impressing as an instrumental segment like no other. The track itself has a snowflake air to it, almost like a lonely snowflake falling lightly to the ground relating effortlessly with the sadness vibe as we follow a story of love and heartbreak.

Stream “Kiss in December” by Tara MacLean featuring Catherine MacLellan & KINLEY on Spotify here:

With a repertoire that includes seven solo albums as well as two studio albums with her JUNO-nominated band Shaye – a trio consisting of MacLean, Damhnait Doyle, and Kim Stockwood, from 2003 to 2007 – MacLean’s artistry has traversed various journeys and has seen her sign with a variety of labels including Nettwerk Music Group, EMI Canada, Capitol US, and Capitol Asia. Despite a brief hiatus to prioritise motherhood, her passion for music remained unwavering. Returning in 2016, she left an indelible mark with her hit show, “Atlantic Blue – The Stories of Atlantic Canada’s Iconic Songwriters”, captivating audiences at the renowned Charlottetown Festival, where she completed a sold-out run.

The resurgence of MacLean’s original compositions in 2016 saw the release of “This Storm”, a poignant duet with Catherine MacLellan, and the album “Deeper”. This endeavour earned her the Music PEI Songwriter and Solo Recording award for “Deeper”, while “This Storm” secured the Music PEI Song Award.

Beyond her musical endeavours, MacLean ventured into literary terrain with her debut book and memoir, “Song of the Sparrow”, an instant Bestseller. The book’s success paved the way for its auditory counterpart, “Sparrow”, garnering praise and playlist placements while expanding her fanbase. Notably, her literary prowess has graced esteemed events such as HayFest in the UK and the Toronto International Festival of Authors.

This brand-new single which features MacLellan and KINLEY stands as a testament to MacLean’s ability to craft evocative storytelling through music, inviting listeners into the depths of her experiences. “Kiss in December” promises a captivating journey through the nuances of love and seasons, etching a poignant melody into the hearts of its audience, allowing us to resonate with the track on a deeper level.

Official single cover artwork for "Kiss in December" which shows a wintry ocean with land in the distance and sunset clouds. The single title is written in the sky alongside Tara MacLean's name, while Catherine MacLellan and KINLEY's names are written in the ocean.

“Kiss in December”, by Tara MacLean featuring Catherine MacLellan and KINLEY, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via turtlemusik.

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