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Carleton Stone’s Latest Single “Fences” Captivates Hearts with Modern Love Tale

by Jonathan Currinn
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Carleton Stone’s latest release, “Fences”, is making waves in the music scene, captivating audiences worldwide. This mesmerising track unfolds an epic modern love story, inviting listeners into a world of soaring melodies and heartfelt storytelling. This acts as the follow-up to his 2022 album “Papercut”.

“Fences” embarks on a musical odyssey that weaves intricate piano notes into the luminous tapestry of synth-driven melodies. Its rhythmic pulse carries listeners through the labyrinthine twists of a love story in turmoil. As the song reaches its climax, it leaves behind the enigmatic allure of love stories that, like life itself, continually evolve and endure. Stone’s latest creation serves as an uplifting anthem for those who, undeterred by the challenges, continue to embrace the unpredictable journey of love.

The progressive indie-rock track coalesces brilliantly around Stone’s gravelly vocals that add depth and meaning to the heartfelt, romantic storyline. As we reach the chorus his vocals shine as he takes them up a level while still keeping a slight gruff twang that spotlights any song that Stone sings. The ending bridge is full of stunning bass vocals that really put this Nova Scotia singer-songwriter and producer on the map and set the stage to make a statement on any playlist drawing listeners in and making sure they take note of the song’s title as well as the artist.

Co-written by Kayleigh O’Connor, this brand-new single draws its enchanting musical landscape from the collaborative brilliance of a diverse group of musicians and studio virtuosos. The exceptional team comprises Todd Lumley, Loel Campbell, Corey LeRue, and Colin Buchanan, with each member bringing their unique musical expertise to weave an enthralling canvas for Stone’s lyrical narratives.

Stream “Fences” by Carleton Stone on Spotify here:

Stone’s musical journey has been marked by success, having produced both Willie Stratton’s award-winning “Drugstore Dreamin'” and his self-produced album, “Papercut”, which received nominations for the MNS 2023 Pop Recording of The Year and the ECMA 2023 Contemporary Roots Recording of the Year.

With three solo records, multiple awards, and international tours under his belt, Stone’s artistry continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His recent US tour with The Crash Test Dummies further cemented his status as a remarkable solo performer.

“Fences”, by Carleton Stone, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via turtlemusik.

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