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Andrea England’s New Single “Halifax” Explores Complex Emotions

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a poignant musical return, award-winning songwriter and singer Andrea England takes listeners on an emotional journey with her latest single, “Halifax”. Featured in her long-awaited ambient Americana EP, “Evidence of Love”, the song captures the conflicted emotions of living away from one’s hometown. This acts as the follow-up to last year’s Christmas single “Jolly Melancholy Christmas”.

As the founder of the popular songwriter circle concert series Four Chords and the Truth, England’s influence in the music industry is vast. Known for her contributions to artists like Meghan Patrick, Don Amero, and Nicole Scherzinger, England steps into the spotlight as a singer-songwriter once again, with the EP produced by JUNO Award winner Hill Kourkoutis.

“Halifax”, the ambivalent first single, features the talents of Nova Scotia artist Carleton Stone and serves as a nostalgic reflection on England’s life and artist career, which began in Halifax. Full of emotion in her lyrics, England stuns with her Americana rhythm with gentle drums taking prominence in the backing track.

Effortlessly telling her story, England takes inspiration from the ’80s gentle-rock whilst making it mainstream. With an honest reflection in her lyrics, this focus single makes a hometown statement full of homesickness and heart.

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“I started my life and artist career in Halifax, and my time there influenced a big part of who I am as a woman and songwriter,” England explains. “It’s a nostalgic song about a lost love forever connected to a place and a time – and to write it, I drew upon my first real heartbreak – one that literally led me to leave a city I loved.”

England reflects on the overall theme of “Evidence of Love”, stating, “I don’t regret any of the hurt I’ve gone through because I’ve loved too much. If I was on my deathbed, would I have any regrets? Maybe a few, but I wouldn’t regret loving.”

The Halifax-born singer, guitarist, and pianist delves into her roots, emphasising the significant role her hometown played in shaping her artistic identity. This focus single becomes a musical canvas, painting the conflicted emotions and nostalgic sentiments associated with leaving home.

As fans anticipate England’s return to the spotlight as a singer-songwriter, this track stands out as a powerful introduction to her latest body of work. The single not only showcases her songwriting prowess but also provides a glimpse into the artist’s personal journey, making it a compelling focal point of the much-anticipated “Evidence of Love” EP.

“Halifax”, by Andrea England, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Lemonade Factory Music.

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