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Jay Hofman Unveils Catchy Indie Electro-Pop Earworm “I Can’t Sing”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Manchester-based singer-songwriter Jay Hofman has recently dropped the addicting release, “I Can’t Sing”. In this self-deprecating yet charming indie electro-pop creation, Hofman takes listeners on a sonic journey that resonates with those who’ve grappled with the inability to harmonise feelings and words. This acts as the follow-up to last year’s album release, titled “Avant Garde: Dandy’s Edition (The X Anniversary)”.

This particular track marks a distinct shift in Hofman’s style, embracing a more commercial pop sound. Drawing inspiration from artists like the Scissor Sisters and Daft Punk, he masterfully combines snappy rap bars with a solid backbeat and harmonies that are irresistibly sweet. “I Can’t Sing” delivers an iconic and funk-infused earworm that’s bound to have you moving to the rhythm.

Jay Hofman performing on stage, dressed smartly with a burgundy jacket and dark burgundy trousers.

The highly relatable and infectious track is one that is bound to make a statement on party playlists due to the easy flow, awesome beat, and Hofman’s soulful voice. His defining lyrics are very relatable to many listeners as we all sometimes struggle when it comes to words and a lot of us can’t actually sing (we wish we could); music has such a brilliant ability to make us feel and show people how we feel, and this is just another superb track to describe love and how we sometimes struggle to communicate love. The melody is incredibly catchy, making this one track that’ll be stuck in our heads all day long.

Jay Hofman, ever candid about his self-awareness as a songwriter more than a vocalist, shared his inspiration for the track, saying, “I have been told my vocals ‘could be better’ on several occasions, so I thought it would be fun to take it on board, run with humility, and write a song about it. I also wanted to include a message a lot of regular folks, like myself, could relate to.”

The alternative single cover artwork for "I Can't See" which sees a head-shot of Jay Hofman facing the camera, wearing a light-blue patterned-gold shirt and blue shades.
Alternative single artwork

He continued by saying, “In essence, ‘I Can’t Sing’ is a hymn for those who aren’t eloquent in matters of the heart but are always looking for ways to express their emotions. I wanted to portray that, in the end, all that matters is doing something that makes you and others happy and to go full circle, that is what I wanted to achieve with this track.”

The single is a prelude to Jay Hofman’s forthcoming album, “Commentarium de Paradiso”, recorded in collaboration with Chris Hughes at Oscillate Recordings in Cheshire. Hofman’s musical journey dates back to 2011 when he began sharing his music on indie streaming platforms. In 2012, he introduced his debut single, “Easy to Say”, and later released his debut LP, “Avant-Garde”, produced by Sean Redmond of Ethos Music.

Official single cover artwork for "I Can't Sing" which sees Jay Hofman facing slightly to the left, wearing a light-blue patterned-gold shirt, and blue shades.

In 2015, Jay Hofman rekindled his collaboration with Sean Redmond to bring us the sophomore album, “The Modern Vintage”. This project was promoted by three singles and accompanying music videos, establishing Hofman’s reputation for his experimental and multifaceted approach to music.

Having performed numerous shows across the US, UK, Poland, Italy, Spain, and Germany, Jay Hofman has garnered a dedicated following. His upcoming album, “Commentarium de Paradiso”, is scheduled for release in January 2024, and fans can anticipate more of his innovative and genre-spanning soundscapes.

Stream “I Can’t Sing” by Jay Hofman on Spotify here:

“I Can’t Sing”, by Jay Hofman, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, already becoming his most-popular track on Spotify. We eagerly await his upcoming album “Commentarium de Paradiso” for when it drops in January 2024.

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