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“Holy Mother of God”: Greg Hoy & The Boys Return to Punk-Pop With Addicting New Single and Video as They Tour the US

by Jonathan Currinn
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Greg Hoy & The Boys are back in action, delivering their latest EP “Holy Mother of God” alongside an electrifying music video and a tour that promises to ignite stages across the country. Following Greg Hoy’s 2023 reflective “Yay For Effort” LP and subsequent tour, he has joined back up with the band and they are returning to their punk-pop roots with a riff-driven rock sound that’s sure to captivate fans old and new. This new release acts as the follow-up to their 2022 EP release, titled “Demons At Night”.

The EP showcases four distinct versions of the title track, each offering a fresh take on the infectious guitar-driven rock ‘n’ roll anthem. Notably, the band enlisted Eddie Spaghetti of The Supersuckers and Dave Sharma, drummer of The Skalars, to lend their unique talents to different renditions of the song, resulting in a diverse and spirited collection.

Punk-pop at its finest, Greg Hoy & The Boys delve into a hard guitar-driven melody with an addictive drum beat and a shining male vocal. Clear and crisp, Greg Hoy is determined to unleash the story behind the track while the harmonised chorus is strong and memorable. Perfect for the coming season, this track brings an essence of summer anthemic rock that not only makes a statement but also encourages us to include this track on our summer playlists.

The fun accompanying music video brings an exciting aesthetic to the track as we watch a nun go wild in an interesting narrative while it’s intercut with a performance piece that intertwines with the storytelling. Played by Ashley Woolley, the nun is clearly having thoughts of rock ‘n’ roll and as she plays with her indecision she leads up to entering a bar where the band is sound checking and they give her the chance to play the instruments.

We watch as she rocks out on the guitar creating a transition between her and each member of the band, as if she’s taking over. This then jumps to their performance at a venue in which she attends, allowing rock ‘n ‘ roll to take over her spirit, leading her to lose the habit she’s wearing and leaving that world behind her.

The other three versions of “Holy Mother of God” give an exciting twist to the original and showcase the group’s skills as musicians and as music creators, especially as they’re not afraid to experiment and switch up their songs. Eddie Spaghetti’s Western Version is exactly what it says on the tin, diving us into some deep Western sounds, switching the track up completely and bringing a Western life to it, so much so you can’t believe it’s the same song.

The demo version is a more stripped-back version of the original, which was to be expected, while “Holy Mother of Ska” is an exciting upbeat ska track that is undeniably different and unique. With a twist of the vocals and added riffs, while a faster pace dominates, this version easily stands out for all the right reasons.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Greg Hoy & The Boys are hitting the road on the “Holy Mother of God” Tour, which kicks off in Tacoma, WA, and winds its way across the West Coast before hitting major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. The tour promises to be especially memorable, with Richard Reilly of Victims joining the lineup in select cities.

Greg Hoy & The Boys Holy Mother of God Tour Remaining Dates:

  • May 10 – Berlin, New York, NY
  • May 11 – Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • May 12 – The Fire Philadelphia, PA
  • May 16 – Club Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
  • May 17 – Westside Bowl, Youngstown, OH
  • May 18 – Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge Nashville, TN
  • July 27 – Iron Door Saloon, Groveland, CA

Greg Hoy, the driving force behind the band, boasts an impressive resume. Having collaborated with music legends like Steve Albini and Sylvia Massy, Hoy’s songwriting prowess is widely celebrated. His music has been featured across various media platforms, including television networks like HBO and MTV, as well as in commercials for major brands. On top of that hip-hop legend Ice-T appeared in the “Can You Take It?” music video which was also nominated for a California Music Video Award.

Official EP artwork for "Holy Mother of God" which sees a nun playing a guitar on stage.

For fans of raw, energetic rock music, Greg Hoy & The Boys’ “Holy Mother of God” EP and accompanying tour are not to be missed. Whether you catch them live or stream their latest tracks, this is a band that’s poised to leave an indelible mark on your music-listening experience.

“Holy Mother of God”, by Greg Hoy & The Boys, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Make sure you don’t miss out on seeing them perform this track live on their tour.

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