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Canadian Singer Dany Horovitz Unveils Inspirational Single “Be Good” from His New Album “Phanerorhyme”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Canadian singer-songwriter Dany Horovitz has unveiled a resonant focus track with the release of his focus single “Be Good” from his sophomore album “Phanerorhyme”. The release of this album acts as the follow-up to his “Love You To The End” EP.

Horovitz intertwines emotive narratives of life’s essence—love, loss, and the human experience—drawing from a mosaic of influences, from ancient wisdom to personal insights. His music resonates as a rich tapestry, inviting listeners on an intimate journey through soulful melodies and introspective storytelling, offering a glimpse into universal emotions.

Written by Horovitz and produced by Calvin Hartwick, “Be Good” encapsulates this profound essence, echoing Horovitz’s thoughtful advice to his nieces and nephews. Encouraging the pursuit of one’s best self while embracing forgiveness for oneself and others, the single embodies a compelling mantra of positivity and self-reflection.

The last track on the album, Horovitz makes a statement by sending out positivity into the world and suggesting that we all “Be Good”. Leaving a lasting impression like no other, this stripped-back track is full of passion and heart as Horovitz doesn’t hold back with his flawless storytelling and silky vocals. Driving home the positivity of the song is the gorgeous instrument-solo-inducing backing track, as Horovitz’s vocals is initially paired with a guitar solo which later grows subtly with a variety of other string instruments.

The title of Horovitz’s latest album, “Phanerorhyme”, holds a deeper significance rooted in the realm of altered perception. Borrowing from Aldous Huxley’s concept of “Phanerothyme”, a term describing mind-altering substances, the album symbolises music’s transformative power akin to altering the mind.

At its core, “Phanerorhyme” embodies themes of metamorphosis and introspection. The album delicately weaves narratives of love’s arrival and departure, staying authentic to oneself, and navigating the journey of maturity.

Horovitz’s musical talent has garnered widespread acclaim, resonating across continents with his songs finding a home on airwaves in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Notable milestones include his single “Free Tonight”, which soared to the Top 20 on Cashbox Radio, and his EP “The Candle Is Worth The Game”, hailed by critics and earning a nomination for the 2023 EP of the Year Award from New Artist Spotlight.

Horovitz’s musical odyssey began in Montreal, where his childhood revolved around the rhythms of old records from his grandfather’s store. Influenced deeply by the music of the 1960s and 70s, Horovitz delved into songwriting at a young age, discovering his passion for music at 14 when he picked up the guitar.

Embarking on his academic journey at McGill University, Horovitz pursued English Literature, aspiring to emulate the legacy of his idol, Leonard Cohen. Immersed in the university choir, his quest to impress veered into an unexpected revelation—an appreciation for the art of performance, fostering his skills and sculpting the trajectory of his musical odyssey.

With “Be Good” offering a tantalising glimpse into the narrative-rich album “Phanerorhyme”, Dany Horovitz continues to enchant audiences with his melodic introspection and emotive storytelling.

“Be Good”, by Dany Horovitz, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Low Stakes Records, as part of Horovitz’s sophomore album, “Phanerorhyme”.

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