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“Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift rises to number two on UK Official Singles Charts

by Jonathan Currinn
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On June 20, 2023, Taylor Swift’s hit song “Cruel Summer” made its debut, marking a sensational addition to her musical repertoire. Fast forward to today, and the song has soared to impressive heights, reaching the coveted second position on the UK Official Singles Charts.

“Cruel Summer” embarked on its chart journey from a debut position at number 27 in 2019, when it was just an album track. She later went on to release it as a single, hitting number 28 and then gradually working its way up to number four before securing its current standing at number two. This remarkable ascent underscores the irresistible charm of Taylor Swift’s music and its undeniable appeal to listeners.

The lyrics of “Cruel Summer” resonate with a sense of longing and anticipation: “Killing me slow, out the window, I’m always waiting for you to be waiting below”. These words capture the essence of the song’s narrative, reflecting the fragile and uncertain beginnings of Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Alwyn.

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The track not only conquered the UK charts but also achieved international success. It topped the charts in countries like the Philippines and Singapore, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world. “Cruel Summer” reached the pinnacle of charts including the Canadian Billboard CHR/Top 40, US Billboard Adult Top 40, and the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40.

Beyond North America, the song climbed to number 2 in Canada (Hot 100), Japan Hot Overseas, and Latvia. It also reached number 3 on the Billboard Global 200 and in New Zealand. “Cruel Summer” made its mark at number 4 in the Netherlands and secured the 5th position in Indonesia. The track resonated with audiences across the globe, charting at number 6 in Israel, number 8 in Malaysia, on the US Adult Contemporary Chart, and number 9 in India.

Taylor Swift’s masterpiece continued its chart journey, maintaining a strong presence in various countries. It secured spots within the top 40 in Croatia, Iceland, Ireland, Vietnam, Sweden, Norway, Greece International, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, and Denmark. “Cruel Summer” also made its presence felt in numerous other country charts, peaking inside the top 100 in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Venezuela, Nigeria, CIS, and Italy. The song even found a place outside the top 100 in South Korea and France.

Here in the UK, “Cruel Summer” captured the hearts of listeners, peaking at number 11 on the UK Sales Chart and number 9 on the UK Downloads Chart.

This track captures the essence of a summer filled with emotions and secret love. It’s a tale of vulnerability and longing, reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s November 2017 track, “Delicate.”

As “Cruel Summer” continues to resonate with fans across the world, we eagerly anticipate the future musical endeavours of Taylor Swift and the impact her music will have on the charts. Can she climb up that extra position and reach number one on the UK Singles Chart?

“Cruel Summer,” performed by Taylor Swift, is now available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms.

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