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Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches Unleash Debut Single “Damage” With Epic Raw Irish Rock Vibe

by Jonathan Currinn
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Irish rock sensations, Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches, have burst onto the scene with their hard-hitting debut single, “Damage”. Available now on all major music platforms, this track embodies the raw energy and storytelling prowess that defines O’Mahony’s musical journey. A black and white accompanying music video has also been released alongside the debut single.

Written by O’Mohoney and produced by Brendan O’Connor, “Damage” comes from O’Mahony’s early exposure to iconic rock performances like Queen’s legendary Live Aid show in 1985. Reflecting on his childhood memories, O’Mahony recalls the transformative impact of witnessing Freddie Mercury on stage, setting him on a path of musical discovery at a tender age.

“I can’t remember the 1986 World Cup,” says O’Mahony. “But I can remember Live Aid. I remember it was a hot day, and the way my brothers were just talking about it and talking about it. And, of course, I remember Freddie Mercury.”

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences ranging from classic rock legends like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen to revered Irish artists such as Luke Kelly and Paddy Reilly, O’Mahony’s music transcends genres. His songs capture the essence of shared experiences, weaving together elements of stadium-sized anthems with the intimacy of a local pub performance. This stage presence allows him to engage with a varied audience, connecting on a deeper level, especially with this debut track.

“Damage” has a rhythmic rock sound set to make an infectious impact when performed on stage. Varied indie rock influences merge to create an unforgettable melody paired with strong passionate vocals from O’Mahony. Add that to the strong lyrics and the addicting rock rhythms and this track is a brilliant debut release that really allows the band to make a statement from the get-go.

Official single cover artwork for "Damage" by Colm O'Mahony & The Hot Touches which shows blocked filtered multi-coloured blocks showcasing instruments.

The accompanying music video has repeated segments that build and flow showcasing lightning storms, waterfalls, and the playing of instruments mixed around a slight narration of a woman running which accumulates to her lying on the ground in a shallow waterfall as water flows around her. Interesting and engaging, the visual links well with the track, keeping the audience’s attention.

Hailing from Killarney, Ireland, a town steeped in musical diversity, O’Mahony encapsulates the spirit of traversing the sound of different genres. Each track from the upcoming album promises a range of emotions, from electrifying rock compositions to soulful ballads, all delivered with a refreshing authenticity.

“I had to travel quite far to buy actual records and tapes,” he recalls. “So the bulk of my tastes were shaped by the radio—songs by people like Tom Petty and Bob Seger, who were so effortless that they made songwriting seem like the most natural thing. And with Petty, for example, you would really go somewhere while listening to one of his songs. It also had a really big impact when I discovered Irish artists like Luke Kelly & The Dubliners, Paddy Reilly, Liam Clancy, and Bagatelle.”

He continued, “I’m not a spiritual person, but seeing Bruce Springsteen was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a spiritual experience. I was converted immediately, and it completely changed the direction of my life. Within, like, six months, I started playing guitar and singing in bars. I’d been in a pretty bad place in my life at the time. My dad passed away when I was 19, and I’d been doing drugs before then anyway. But that moment just gave me a bit of light and, just as important, a direction.”

This debut track release sets the stage for Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches’ forthcoming album, offering listeners a taste of their distinct brand of Irish rock. With its infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics, this debut single marks the start of an exciting musical journey for O’Mahony and his band.

“Damage”, by Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touces, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Mile 16 Records. Their upcoming self-titled debut album release promises a compelling blend of rock influences infused with Irish spirit. We can’t wait for it to be dropped and we’re sure “Damage”, along with the rest of the album, is set to sound amazing live.

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