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“Back Home”: Stephen Thomas Shakes Up the Indie-Rock Scene With His Nostalgic-Inspired New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo credit: Stephen Thomas' Instagram

Stephen Thomas is capturing attention in the music world with his new single, “Back Home”. Recently released, the track is quickly trending on TikTok and gaining considerable airplay. This new track seamlessly combines the nostalgic vibes of ’00s rock with a modern alternative pop twist, delivering a fresh indie-rock sound set to appeal to a broad audience. This acts as the follow-up to his previous single “Get Ready”.

Official single cover artwork for "Back Home" by Stephen Thomas which sees a man in shadow on a rocky edge as the sky is illuminated like it's on fire.

The indie-rock backing track kickstarts “Back Home”, allowing the guitar rhythms to flow while drum beats guide the track. Thomas’ vocals soon come in with a gentle honest tone which totally takes us back to the ’00s when indie rock was mainstream. Determined to bring something fresh to the table, Thomas hits hard with the chorus adding grit and tough encouragement to uplift his listeners and unleash positive vibes that will empower everyone who hears this track.

Powerful and strong, the song leaves a lasting impression and will certainly stand out on indie-rock playlists due to its rich ’00s vibe and Thomas’ impressive rock vocal runs that fuel the track with passion and emotion. Thomas has navigated the highs and lows of the music industry, and with “Back Home”, he has clearly found the path he is meant to take. Reflecting on his career, Stephen Thomas shares, “Anything is possible; money or not. When it’s your time, it’s your time, and I feel that my time is NOW.”

A five-time Grammy-considered artist and an iTunes chart-topper, Thomas has faced many of the challenges that independent musicians encounter. His unwavering faith and the support of those close to him have been crucial in maintaining his focus and motivation. Drawing inspiration from his spirituality and an ever-flowing stream of ideas, Thomas crafts music that resonates with a diverse audience, from everyday workers to high society. His goal is to bridge gaps and create a sense of unity through heartfelt lyrics and memorable melodies.

For Stephen Thomas, the studio is a haven where he discovers peace and lets his creativity flow freely. His dedication to his art and his innovative spirit distinguish him within the music industry. While he honours the legacy of musical history, Thomas also welcomes contemporary trends and mainstream influences. He was advised to remain authentic to himself, about a decade ago—a piece of wisdom he now shares with new emerging artists, highlighting the significance of persistence in the face of challenges. As he aptly puts it, “Nobody can know what you’re going through in life like you know what you’re going through.”

Thomas seeks to create an immersive experience for his listeners, offering a form of escapism and fostering meaningful connections through his heartfelt music. “Back Home” is already generating considerable buzz on TikTok and we expect it’ll quickly become his most popular song on streaming platforms within a week or so, if that.

“Back Home”, by Stephen Thomas, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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