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V.E. Schwab Unveils “The Fragile Threads of Power” – A New Fantasy Series!

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a thrilling development for fantasy literature, #1 New York Times bestselling author V.E. Schwab has unveiled her latest creation, “The Fragile Threads of Power”, the inaugural instalment of the much-anticipated Threads of Power series.

Schwab, renowned for her spellbinding storytelling in “The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue”, now invites readers to once again embark on a mesmerising journey into the enchanting realm of the Shades of Magic universe, promising a spinoff trilogy.

“The Fragile Threads of Power” promises to immerse readers in a world brimming with tangled schemes, harrowing adventures, and the return of beloved characters alongside new companions.

This captivating narrative is set against the backdrop of a unique fantasy universe where four distinct worlds, akin to pages in a mystical book, were once intertwined by the vibrant tapestry of magic. The lynchpin of these realms? None other than the iconic city of London.

Yet, as the magic surged uncontrollably, these worlds made a dire decision to seal their interdimensional doorways, driven by a desperate bid to safeguard their individual existences. The magicians capable of breaching these barriers became rarer with each passing era until only three Antari remained in living memory: Kell Maresh of Red London, Delilah Bard of Grey London, and the enigmatic Holland Vosijk hailing from White London.

Intriguingly, these formidable figures have largely remained enigmatic, shrouded in obscurity for the past seven years. A new Antari, by the name of Kosika, has risen to prominence in White London, ascending to the throne in Holland’s absence. However, her zealous devotion to a burgeoning religious fervour threatens to submerge the city in chaos rather than salvation.

Meanwhile, in Red London, King Rhy Maresh grapples with an uprising that seeks to upend the established power dynamics by eradicating the monarchy altogether.

Two rulers, originating from vastly different domains, now find themselves confronting startlingly similar dilemmas: how to preserve their crowns and their very lives.

Amidst this intricate narrative web of old alliances and newfound adversaries, a young girl, endowed with a peculiar magical talent, stumbles upon an artifact that possesses the potential to reshape the destinies of all four worlds.

Her name is Tes, and she stands as the sole entity capable of either uniting these realms or setting in motion their inevitable unravelling.

“The Fragile Threads of Power” promises readers a breathtaking blend of intricate world-building, high-stakes politics, and unforgettable characters in a tale that transcends the boundaries of ordinary fantasy. As V.E. Schwab weaves her storytelling magic once more, fans and newcomers alike are in for an extraordinary literary journey.

This brand-new book is available via e-book and hardback editions, published by Titan Books. There is currently no news on the paperback edition, but we reckon it won’t be too far off as most paperbacks are published months after the hardback edition.

The newly released book is available to buy right now

With the release of this brand new book, V.E. Schwab is set to go out on a book signing tour, but she’s not just sticking to her home country, oh no, she’s going to do a book signing tour on both sides of the Atlantic. She has already started the US book signing tour, kicking off on the day of the book’s release – yesterday – in Pasco, WA. She’ll go on through to October 12, 2023, wrapping up the US leg of the tour in New York, NY. She’ll then jet across the Atlantic to the UK & Ireland, starting in Dublin, Ireland on October 19, 2023, and wrapping up in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 7, 2023.

Check out her Instagram posts below for full details of her book tour:

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