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“Time”: Maya Ixta Strikes a Perfect Chord With Her Seamless Bilingual Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Maya Ixta has unveiled her highly anticipated debut bilingual single, “Time”. This marks a significant milestone for the accomplished musician, who started professional training at the age of 8. Ixta’s musical journey has been decorated with accolades, including being recognised as the youngest student to complete NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts’ “Music Industry Essentials” Certificate Program in 2022. This is her official sophomore single and acts as the follow-up to her debut release, titled “Count One It’s Me”.

Promotional image for "Time" which sees a mid-shot of Maya Ixta posing with her hair coming down her right shoulder in curls, wearing a Motley Crew band t-shirt that has been turned into a crop top with a white shirt underneath.

Written by Daniel Jimenez Afanador and Maya Ixta, “Time” delves into the theme of grappling with the passing of time. The bilingual track sees Ixta sing in both English and Spanish, merging the two languages together in some flawless melodic rhymes that add to the rolling melody of the gorgeous track.

The rich guitar-led backing track weaves pulsing rhythms and intricate instrumentation to reflect the relentless movement of time. It kickstarts with a Spanish guitar melody that allows Ixta’s exquisite vocals to shine before evolving into a vibrant rhythmic composition enhanced by synthesised vocal effects and intricate harmonies.

Promotional image for "Time" which sees Maya Ixta crouching in a corner of white walls and a hard wood floor wearing cargo trousers and a band tee over a white shirt. Her hair is flowing down over her left shoulder.

Ixta’s seamless transition between Spanish and English highlights her exceptional linguistic skills, bringing a smooth narrative flow within the song. “Time” masterfully captures the palpable anxiety triggered by the passage of time, enveloping listeners in a mesmerising soundscape that mirrors the relentless ticking of a clock. This musical journey transcends language and resonates universally, evoking introspection on the fleeting nature of time.

Her passion for music education and philanthropy is inspiring and completely shines through her work. Ixta founded the non-profit organization HeARTs of Maya, which provides educational scholarships to young artists. Her dedication to nurturing artistic talent earned her the SPARK! Award in 2019.

Official single cover artwork for "Time" which sees Maya Ixta standing on a train platform with a suitcase.

“Time”, by Maya Ixta, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Considering the addictiveness of both this new track and her debut “Count One It’s Me”, puts Ixta at an exciting moment in her music career as she quickly becomes a rising independent artist that will soon be on everyone’s radar. She’s definitely one to watch this year.

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