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“The Fire”: Dareios Blue Stuns With Euphoric EDM Debut Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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This week saw Dareios Blue return to music, relaunching his career with his new awesome debut single “The Fire”. He had previously released his debut EP “Eerie Destruction” in 2019, leading to a follow-up EP and three studio albums. On top of that, he had released a variety of singles and music videos but has since pulled everything from all platforms and is ready to refocus on his music career, embarking afresh and delivering highly polished music releases that is set to stun listeners.

Starting off with his new debut single, “The Fire”—written by Dareios Blue, Michael John Scott, Sandy Nuttgens, and Steven Fawkes, whilst it has been produced by the artist himself—we are treated to an addicting house sound that we could listen on repeat for the rest of the day. Fans may recognise the song as the single was originally released in 2021 featuring Hailey, both as an official single and as part of his third studio album “Thank You!” however it now has a fresh new vibe and energy that excites us for what’s to come.

Highly conceptual from the get-go, Dareios Blue makes an impact with the dark EDM beats and his passionate vocals. Crisp and full of strength, this is the best we’ve heard from him vocally. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard any new music from him and it’s clear the time away has given him power within himself, leading to this track gaining solidity as a whole.

This rerelease into his new debut single effortlessly showcases his sharp focus on how he wants his music to sound—and we are obsessed with it. We can’t help but think about how epic all his previous tracks are going to sound when he rereleases them, and better yet, we cannot wait for how incredible his completely new music is going to sound.

With a driving beat and groovy vibes, “The Fire” plunges this rising artist in dance music like never before. Vocally strong with sonic drops surrounding the addictive rhythms and awesome baselines, he impresses to no end, relaunching his music career in the best possible light. His emotional vocals portray the heartfelt lyrics that take us through a journey of desire, adoration, and pain, hitting us right inside. Lyrically relatable with an unforgettable hook and intricate after-chorus bridge, this is one track we can’t get enough of.

“The Fire”, by Dareios Blue, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. We cannot wait to see what he goes on to release next.

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