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“Sunburst”: Jesse Eplan Shines Bright With His Captivating New Single and Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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Rising hip-hop artist and producer Jesse Eplan has unveiled his latest single, “Sunburst”, along with an accompanying music video. Now available on all major platforms, “Sunburst” highlights Jesse Eplan’s dynamic talent and ability to create infectious beats that captivate listeners from the get-go. This acts as the follow-up to his previous single “Purge” which featured Wacotron.

From the very first moment, Jesse Eplan grips his listeners with an addictive hook and chorus, showcasing his raw vocal capabilities and impressive songwriting. He then launches into a rap verse with passion and strength. The intensity of the well-crafted rap lyrics sets the tone of the song, reflecting his determination to keep going, to never stop, to make his dream a reality, and to succeed in the music industry. Breaking into the music industry is challenging, but Eplan’s motivation, vocal talent, gifted songwriting, and undeniable dedication to his craft are what will propel him to the top.

Jesse Eplan in the recording studio, laying down some vocals.

The lyrics wrap around metaphorically as he launches into a girl who is so contagious and he would have done anything for, but his career is extremely important to him because he’s going places, but something keeps pulling him back to this woman he can’t stop thinking about, but he also knows he has to continue to work to make it in this industry. The meshing of the two worlds comes together as he’s determined to keep going until the sun bursts in everything that he does including his career and his relationships.

The music video is a visually captivating performance piece set primarily on a beach, with the sun setting behind the artist, casting him in shadow as he sings and raps. Another scene on a balcony featuring similar lighting effects showcases the artist in a more revealing manner, with an unbuttoned shirt, showing his muscular body, contrasting the black vest worn on the beach. This correlates to the song’s themes of balancing romantic distractions with career-driven motivations. Additionally, the artist is seen wading in the surf at mid-thigh height during the beach scene, adding a sense of contemplation and connection to nature.

Black and white photo of Jesse Eplan with New York city scape behind him/

Hailing from Bellmore, Long Island, Jesse Eplan has been immersed in the music scene since the age of 13. His early start has blossomed into a prolific career, highlighted by his ownership of The Sound Lab. In this state-of-the-art recording studio, he collaborates with some of the most talented artists across various genres.

Eplan’s musical expertise spans rap, trap, R&B, and pop. He excels in all facets of music production, from writing and producing to mixing and mastering. His proficiency with industry-standard software like Logic and ProTools further cements his reputation as a versatile and skilled producer. Crafting beats is one of his many specialities, contributing to his distinctive sound that blends lyrical depth with engaging rhythms.

Jesse Eplan wearing trackies and a black shirt on stage performing one of his songs.

Over the years, Eplan has established himself as a force in the music industry. His discography, which includes numerous singles and EPs, reflects his versatility and creative flair. Each of his tracks takes listeners on a journey through introspective storytelling, catchy hooks, and innovative production techniques.

Influenced by artists like Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, and Travis Scott, Eplan incorporates elements of their style into his own unique approach. This fusion is evident in his mature songwriting and meticulous attention to detail in his production. His first two major LPs, “Trap Harmony” and “Purple Wave”, recorded during his time at the University of Tampa, made significant waves in the trap and hip-hop communities. Collaborations with artists such as Wacotron, Famous Dex, and Kontraversy further bolstered his rising star status.

The official single cover artwork of "Sunburst" which sees Jesse Eplan wading in the water with the sun setting behind him and the title of the song in handwriting text.

Following the success of his previous releases, including “Player” and “Bakwoods”, as well as “Purge” quickly becoming his most-popular song on Spotify right now, Eplan’s new single “Sunburst” promises to be another hit. The song highlights his growth as a songwriter and producer, and it’s clear that he is ready to take the next step in his career.

“Sunburst”, by Jesse Eplan, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via The Sound Lab.

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