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“Southern Belle”: Arrows Reveal Heartfelt Acoustic Ballad Featuring rinaldo and Brent Tauro

by Jonathan Currinn
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Bombay-based artist Arrows, the musical pseudonym of David Britto, has graced the music scene with a soul-stirring acoustic ballad titled “Southern Belle”. He has enlisted artists rinaldo and Brent Tauro to join him as features on this poignant acoustic track. This acts as the follow-up to Arrows’ debut EP “Friends Tonight, Strangers Again”, rinaldo’s acoustic single titled “On My Mind”, and Brent Tauro’s collaboration with Slush Pool on the single “Tired of Saying Goodbye”.

Breaking free from writer’s block, Britto found inspiration in fresh experiences, giving rise to a song that carries a profound message of self-love and solace. Derived from the moving quote, “You deserve to be loved, even when you’re learning to love yourself”, “Southern Belle” serves as an ode to finding comfort in others and a gentle reminder to be compassionate towards oneself during challenging times.

In his signature style, Arrows collaborates with fellow musicians to elevate the emotional depth of the composition. Brent Tauro, a seasoned producer and keyboard contributor to previous Arrows tracks, steps in to produce the song. Tauro’s artistic touch extends to a beautiful piano arrangement, an emotive solo, and backing vocal duties, enhancing the overall musical tapestry.

Taking centre stage on lead vocals is Rinaldo D’Souza, known just as rinaldo, who is the former bandmate and rhythm guitarist from the blues-rock outfit, The Tripp, which Britto was also a part of. D’Souza’s velvety voice intertwines seamlessly with Tauro’s piano melodies and Arrows’ frequent collaborator Siddharth Basrur’s delicate acoustic guitar strumming, creating a harmonious blend of musical elements.

Single cover artwork for "Southern Belle" by Arrows featuring rinaldo and Brent Tauro which sees an image of a sunflower displayed against a blue sky.

Full of self-empowering love-yourself vibes, “Southern Belle” shines as a beautiful laid-back acoustic track that brings the season of Spring to life. Perfect for those sun-breaking days, we’re finally turning all of our moods around as the depressing winter leads to brighter days and bright-filled emotions. Arrows and his group bring a charming track to the table that is filled with young love and gorgeous lyrical content that transports the listener right into that moment where we feel loved, even as we’re learning to love ourselves. Relatable and sweet, this track fills our hearts with joy, something we all need in our lives.

David Britto expressed his sentiments about the release, stating, “I present to you ‘Southern Belle’, the song that broke my writer’s block and one that is made with immense love, care, and gratefulness. I hope you enjoy this late end-of-year postcard. Working with Rinaldo once again after a number of years was so nice, and he did justice to the song. As for Brent, I’ve always wanted him to produce one of my songs, and I’m glad that this one worked out; he shines throughout with his piano parts across the track.”

As Arrows continues to captivate audiences with his soulful creations, “Southern Belle” stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to transcend boundaries and connect through the universal language of music. The track encapsulates a moment of introspection, offering solace and encouragement to those who are currently learning to love themselves and making them aware that people can still love them for who they are even if they haven’t quite learned to love themselves, just yet.

“Southern Belle”, by Arrows featuring rinaldo and Brent Tauro, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, and has quickly become Arrows’ most popular track on Spotify and it’s current trajectory suggests it’s set to become his most-streamed track on the platform.

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