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SAMSARA. to Rock the Northeast With Major Summer Performances

by Jonathan Currinn
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Emerging hard rock band SAMSARA. is set to make waves this summer with a series of high-energy performances across the Northeast region of the United States. The group, known for their unique blend of grunge and modern rock, is gearing up for an extensive tour that promises to captivate audiences in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Black and white photo of SAMSARA. performing on stage.

The tour kicked off on May 23, 2024, at Jimmy’s in New Jersey and continued with a dynamic set at the New Colossus Festival Summer Series in Brooklyn, NY on May 25. Fans can look forward to upcoming shows at popular venues including The Porch in Boston on June 7, and the Great South Bay Music Festival in Patchogue, NY on July 19.

SAMSARA., consisting of Dylan Trif (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco (Guitar / Background Vocals), John Devito (Bass), Ben Bustamante (Drums / Background Vocals), and Brendan Sandhovel (Rhythm Guitar), hails from Queens and Long Island, NY, while also spending time in Boston, MA. Their sound, influenced by grunge, funk, metal, and alternative styles, has been praised within the music community. They achieved notable recognition in September 2021, securing second place at the Tarrytown Music Hall’s “Rock The Hall” competition. Their tracks have been featured on SiriusXM’s Channel 21, as well as various college and local radio stations.

In addition to their tour, SAMSARA. has been busy in the studio. They started the year off with the epic release of “PIECE OF ME” and most recently released their music video for “IN TOO DEEP” on May 23. Their latest single was released in April, titled “OUT OF SIGHT”, and their forthcoming track, “ALIVE”, is set to be released on June 20. The band has collaborated with renowned producer Steve Adobbo at Shelter Island Studios and iconic producer Gordon Raphael, further honing their distinctive sound.

SAMSARA.’s summer schedule is packed with performances at a variety of venues and festivals, including Make Music NY in Hunts Point on June 21, Rock Stock and Barrels Fest in Rockaway on June 22, and Sunken Silo in New Jersey on July 13. A special highlight of their tour is the benefit concert fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House on July 27 at Nostalgia Bar in Bethpage, NY, where they will share the stage with acts like The Kindergarten, Set Theory, Ryan Walsfich, and Izzy Potter.

Official poster image for the benefit concert fundraiser to support Ronald McDonald House at Nostalgia Bar which shows a classic CD case with a blank CD as taped words of the concert and the artists that are performing included on the front.

Their tour extends into late summer and fall, with notable performances at Heaven Can Wait in NYC on August 9, JellO in Rockaway on August 10, and Foley Square in NYC on September 21. The tour will conclude with an exciting show at PHTHLO Phest in Queens, NY on November 8. Tickets for all of their upcoming shows can be found on their official website by clicking here.

SAMSARA.’s Upcoming Shows:

  • Jun 7 – The Porch, Boston, MA
  • Jun 21 – Make Music NY, Hunts Point, NY
  • Jun 22 – Rock Stock and Barrels Fest, Rockaway, NY
  • Jul 13 – Sunken Silo, NJ
  • Jul 19 – The Great South Bay Music Festival, Patchogue, NY
  • Jul 27 – Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser, Nostalgia Bar, Bethpage, NY
  • Aug 9 – Heaven Can Wait, NYC
  • Aug 10 – JellO, Rockaway, NY
  • Sep 21 – Foley Square, NYC
  • Nov 8 – PHTHLO Phest, Queens, NY
SAMSARA. posing in jeans and hoodies out on a street outside a wooden-beamed store.

With their powerful live shows and growing acclaim, SAMSARA.. is set to solidify their presence in the rock scene. Fans in the Northeast won’t want to miss the chance to experience their electrifying performances this summer.

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