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SAMSARA. Unveils New Captivating Single “PIECE OF ME” in Anticipation of Their Debut Album

by Jonathan Currinn
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Long Island-based melodic rock sensation SAMSARA. has recently premiered their latest single, “PIECE OF ME”, offering a glimpse into their upcoming debut album set to be released in Spring 2024. The song has emotional depth around heavy beats and an ambient vibe. This acts as the follow-up to their previous single “Martyr”.

Written and produced by the band themselves, according to Spotify, this track launches with their alternative-rock sound that feels natural and effortless, drawing the listener in from the get-go. With an indie quality to it, the vocals accompany the guitars and drums freely, whilst also showcasing a subtle grit that adds substance to the song.

The lyrics paint a story of deception and lies that take the listener on a vivid journey with the narrator. Lead vocalist, Dylan Trif, builds a connection with the listener as he tells this story with honesty and integrity in his awesome vocals, making us feel that we’re right there with him.

Midway through the track, we get an instrumental segment that allows every instrumentalist to shine in their own right, with John Devito on the bass taking the lead, adding depth to the beat; the drummer, Ben Bustamante, follows impressing with his varied skills; then the two guitarists jump in, Charlie LoMonaco and Brendan Sandhovel, adding passionate riffs that unleashes the pent-up feelings of the narrator, allowing the entire band to express this story through music.

The ending chorus is unmistakably hard-hitting, especially after that incredible progressive instrumental break, determined to make a lasting impression on every listener—and that’s exactly what it does. This track would’ve been a solid piece with the beat and the lyrics, but that instrumental segment pushes the boundaries and turns it into a flawless masterpiece that is bound to stand out on alternative and indie rock playlists, for all the right reasons.

Talking about this song, SAMSARA. said, “‘Piece of Me’ is about feeling like you’re constantly going in circles with someone, they’re not telling you everything and you know there’s more to their story.”

Comprising of talented college students from Queens and Long Island, SAMSARA. consists of Trif (Lead Vocals), LoMonaco (Guitar/Background Vocals), Devito (Bass), Bustamante (Drums/Background Vocals), and Sandhovel (Second Guitar). Known for their high-energy and hypnotic live performances, SAMSARA.’s magnetic stage presence has earned them acclaim. The band clinched victory at the 2023 Kids Rock For Kids Battle of The Bands and graced the stage at prominent events like Long Island’s three-day Great South Bay Music Festival and Rockaway Beach’s Rock Stock & Barrels Surf & Skate Festival for the third consecutive year.

Having recorded with Grammy Award winner Steve Addobbo in Shelter Island Studios NYC in 2022, SAMSARA. is poised for even greater heights. More recently, the band have collaborated with legendary music producer Gordon Raphael on their upcoming record. In the summer of 2023, SAMSARA. embarked on a compelling seven-city tour with metal band Bastardane on the East Coast, solidifying their reputation as a rising force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

As anticipation builds for their forthcoming debut album, SAMSARA. continues to captivate audiences with their unique blend of melodic rock. We’re excited to watch this band grow in the music scene, especially with their iconic sound and their flawless instrumental skills.

“PIECE OF ME”, by SAMSARA., is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Expect to see the release of their debut album within the next few months as Spring 2024 rises upon us.

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