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Premiere: Emergency Tiara’s “Custom Made” Dives Deep Into a Captivating Anthem of Self-Discovery

by Jonathan Currinn
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We’re thrilled to announce the premiere of Emergency Tiara’s latest single, “Custom Made”, the title track from her upcoming EP scheduled to drop on August 28, 2024. This release marks a profound and personal journey for frontwoman Juri Jinnai, whose musical evolution has been shaped by transformative life experiences. This acts as the official follow-up to last year’s sophomore album release, “The Cat’s Meow”.

Written by Carrie Haber and Juri Jinnai, while it was produced by Ian Hersey, “Custom Made” is a tuneful synth-pop anthem that incorporates various genre essences including indie-pop, pop-rock, J-pop, and soul-pop. The mixture brings a unique take on pop music as we know it and flourishes it into an addictive amalgamation that you can’t help but love.

Clearly inspired by ’80s pop influences, this brand-new track delves into honesty and integrity around a fun vibe and vibrant rhythm. Showcasing faultless vocals with some epic vocal runs, this band is surely on the cusp of greatness, what with the beautiful lyrical crafting, brilliant delivery, and stunning production, what more can we possibly ask for?

Talking about the profound impact that “Custom Made” holds for her, Jinnai stated, “The last couple of years reshaped me and my life. And during the time of changes, music was always there to comfort me and carry me through.”

Born and raised in Japan, Jinnai was introduced to music at a young age, having apparently learned to sing before she could talk. She built her career from an early age, going on to perform for the famed Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa. Her love for music saw her move to the US to study at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music, and soon kickstarted her music career after graduation, going on to live in New York City. As the frontwoman of Emergency Tiara, she masterfully blends left-field and classic pop influences to craft a sound uniquely her own—a musical expression grounded in personal narrative and feminist perspective.

Amidst the backdrop of a global pandemic, Jinnai also confronted a personal health crisis when she was diagnosed with a rare form of stage 4 colon cancer. Undeterred, she embarked on a courageous journey of physical and emotional resilience, supported by immunotherapy and a steadfast circle of support. This resilience can be heard within her new music, infusing her signature vocals with a deeper, indie-inspired essence.

Reflecting on her ongoing treatment for Lynch Syndrome and the BRCA2 gene, Jinnai shares, “I was very fortunate and lucky in this unfortunate circumstance. I can relate deeply to other women who have gone through this as well. If I can be a cheerleader for others to feel supported, then I want to incorporate that into my art.”

For Emergency Tiara, embracing authenticity is paramount as Jinnai delves into new musical territories. “As challenging as this experience has been, I’m also very grateful to have the opportunity to appreciate what I’ve been given,” she reflects. “I just want to be who I am in every aspect of life, including my music. Otherwise, what else am I saving myself for?”

“Custom Made”, the new single by Emergency Tiara, is available to stream and download, right now, across all platforms. Look out for their forthcoming EP of the same name, set to be released on August 28, 2024.

premiere emergency tiara custom made dives deep into a captivating anthem of self discovery

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