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“Prada” by Cassö, Raye, and D-Block Europe shines at number seven on UK Official Singles Charts

by Jonathan Currinn
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August 11, 2023, marked the official release of “Prada”, a sensational remix by Cassö of D-Block Europe’s track “Ferrari Horses”, featuring Raye. Fast forward to September 2023, and the song has achieved a remarkable milestone, securing the 7th position on the UK Official Singles Chart.

From its debut at number 32 to its previous standing at number 8, “Prada” has steadily made its ascent on the UK Official Singles Chart. This accomplishment underscores the unique blend of talent brought by Cassö, Raye, and D-Block Europe, as well as the song’s growing impact on music fans.

The lyrics of “Prada” are both catchy and captivating, showcasing the collaboration’s allure: “You a side piece from east, then I’m a bad bitch from south, wow / Baby, baby, I got more money comin’ in than goin’ out”. These lyrics resonate with the track’s energetic and dynamic vibe, making it a favourite among listeners.

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Beyond the UK, “Prada” has left its mark on international charts. It soared to number one on the Australia Dance chart and claimed the top position in the Netherlands and Sweden. The song also achieved impressive rankings, reaching number 2 in Ireland, number 3 in Norway, and number 4 in Germany. It secured the 6th spot in Finland and reached the top 10 in Austria and Switzerland.

Additionally, “Prada” made its presence felt on various other charts, including the Dutch Top 40 (number 13), the US Billboard Hot/Dance Electronic Songs chart (number 16), Australia (number 18), and Denmark (number 18, also). It reached the 20th position in Luxembourg, 22nd in Belgium, 33rd in Latvia, 36th in New Zealand, and 73rd on the Billboard Global 200.

Within the UK, “Prada” continues to make waves, currently standing at number 12 on the UK Sales Chart and the UK Downloads Chart. The song has also earned the 2nd spot on the UK Dance charts.

“Prada” emerged on the music scene when Cassö posted an unofficial remix of D-Block Europe and Raye’s single “Ferrari Horses” on TikTok in May 2023. The viral sensation led to the official release of the remix, known as “Prada”, on August 11, 2023. This remix went on to surpass the chart performance of “Ferrari Horses” in the UK.

As “Prada” continues to resonate with fans worldwide, we eagerly anticipate the future musical endeavours of Cassö, Raye, D-Block Europe, and the impact they will make on the music scene.

“Prada”, the electrifying remix by Cassö, Raye, and D-Block Europe, is available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms via Ministry of Sound.

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