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Madison Arruda Releases Dreamy New Single “Let Me In” Alongside Live Performance Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Bella Durante

Madison Arruda, the genre-blending singer, songwriter, and guitarist, has unveiled her latest single “Let Me In”, a track that dives deep into the complexities of relationships. The release is accompanied by a live performance music video shot at IMI Studios in New York City, showcasing Arruda’s dynamic musicality and heartfelt expression. This acts as the follow-up to her previous single “Let It Go”.

“Let Me In” continues her trend of producing infectious tracks that weave together pop, indie, and emo influences. The new single captures the tension and turmoil of navigating a tumultuous relationship. With lyrics that reflect her emotional journey, Arruda manages to resonate deeply with listeners, drawing them into her world of vulnerability and longing.

Madison Arruda leaning forward with her hands in front of her on a small wall with a metal railing. She's wearing black clothes and there's graffiti behind her.
Photo Credit: Bella Durante

Heartfelt from the get-go, Arruda does not hold back, flooding the song with passion and emotion, determined to connect with her audience and allowing us to relate on a deeper level. The indie pop-rock combination effortlessly flows with the meaning of the song, adding intensity and integrity to the words she’s singing, not to mention the fact that her vocals are on point throughout.

Madison Arruda performing "Let Me In" at the IMI Studios with two guitarists to her right and a drummer to her left while she's wearing black and standing in front of a microphone, holding a guitar.

“This song makes you feel anger and sadness,” Arruda explains. “Most people have experienced rejection and the pain of someone pulling away from us, so ‘Let Me In’ depicts the waves of emotions you feel in those moments of anguish.” The song’s richly layered instrumentation supports her powerful vocals, creating an immersive listening experience that highlights her artistic depth.

The live performance video of “Let Me In” enhances the song’s impact, featuring Arruda in an intimate setting that emphasises her connection to the music. The visual captures her essence as an artist, featuring Arruda performing the track at IMI Studios in New York City. She sings into a microphone while playing the guitar, accompanied by Malik English and Riccardo Gasparotto—also on guitar—alongside a drummer, credited as CJ. Full of energy and pop-rock vibes, Arruda exudes passion for this track, clearly meaning every single word she sings.

Building anticipation for the single, Arruda shared captivating social media reels of her performing the track in her home studio. These snippets have not only showcased her raw talent but also her ability to connect with her audience on a personal level.

Arruda’s journey from her debut single “Party on the Weekend” in 2020 to her current releases demonstrates her evolution as an artist. Her music, characterised by its fluid exploration of pop, electronic, and alternative sounds, continues to attract new listeners and build a dedicated fan base. With a growing catalogue of compositions and a unique artistic vision, Arruda is poised to make a lasting mark on the music scene.

Official single cover artwork for "Let Me In" which sees Madison Arruda leaning forward with her blonde hair falling past her black t-shirt. She's holding her right hand up with her thumb around her necklace.

“Let Me In”, by Madison Arruda, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. She has more music on its way as she continues to grow her list of single releases. As a rising artist, she’s set to make an exciting impact on the indie pop-rock scene and we’re excited to watch her career soar.

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