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“Let Me Out”: HAPPY LANDING’s Entrancing Indie-Folk-Rock Single Echoes the Sentiments of Heartbreak and Healing

by Jonathan Currinn
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American indie-folk-rock band HAPPY LANDING has unveiled their latest single titled “Let Me Out”, which is an addicting track set to be in your head all day from the minute you hear it. An accompanying music video was dropped days later. This release serves as a teaser for their upcoming sophomore album slated for later this year. It acts as the follow-up to last year’s live EP release, titled “Happy Landing (Live at Sugarshack Sessions)”.

Written by Matty Hendley whilst it was produced by Blake Mohler, “Let Me Out” combines indie-rock with folk to create an engaging and addicting beat. Add that to the passionate vocals, the hard-hitting melodies, and the relatable lyrics, and this track is everything we could ask for and more. The flow of the beat with the indie-folk-rock rhythms adds a sense of togetherness, allowing the audience to feel the emotions of the song and the story that’s being told.

A Nashville song, through and through, “Let Me Out” describes the town, transporting the listener there where we experience and visualise the imagery portrayed by Matty Hendley and the band through the lyrics and the beat. Easily something we can all connect to as we’ve all been in relationships that haven’t worked out, but HAPPY LANDING take it to a whole new level by opening up about how a small town can make it difficult to escape the memories of a relationship.

Still taken from the "Let Me Out" music video which sees the band HAPPY LANDING performing the song in a field, standing in a circle.

Talking about the new track, the band shared: “We moved to Nashville a few years ago, and anyone who lives in the city knows that it’s a very small town. That’s what ‘Let Me Out’ is about—being unable to escape the memories of a relationship because everywhere you go, you’re reminded of them.”

They continued, “The interstate is just one big circle around Nashville, so I thought it would be cool to create a scene where basically you’re stuck in this loop, going around and around and around, and all you want to do is escape this place because all the things you used to love about it are all blurring together into memories of this one person/relationship. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from the things that are hurting you until you’re ready to let yourself heal. Thanks to everyone for the support on this song, we love y’all (and we do still love Nashville).”

The awesome accompanying music video sees the band’s incredible stage energy as they perform the song in a field, facing one another in a circle as the camera pans around them. This performance piece shows how much they love this song, and how engaging they are to watch. They effortlessly portray that they are having a good time and that they enjoy performing this song.

Intercut throughout the video are clips of Nashville, from cityscapes to visuals of the interstate, to the enjoyment that the band has when they’re spending time together in the small town of Nashville. HAPPY LANDING manages to capture the essence of the song, from Nashville itself to their friendship to how this place can create lasting memories—memories that aren’t quite good to remember when it reminds you of an ex.

HAPPY LANDING fuses southern rock, punk, and folk influences to craft a distinctive sound that brings in a new era for indie-folk-rock. The band was formed in Oxford, Mississippi in 2020, led by Matty Hendley on lead vocals and guitar, with Keegan Christensen on vocals and keys, Jacob Christensen on drums, Andrew Gardner on fiddle and vocals, and Wilson Moyer on bass, guitar, and vocals. Renowned for their electrifying live shows, HAPPY LANDING has earned acclaim nationwide, sharing stages with renowned acts such as The Head and The Heart, Judah & the Lion, and The 502s.

They’re set to perform at top festivals such as Lovin’ Life Festival, Summerfest, Floydfest, and Lollapalooza, and have managed to gain a huge following with millions of streams to their name. Their 2022 track, “October” has gone on to gain over 2.3 million streams on Spotify alone, and they have over 100,000 monthly listeners on the platform. Their definitely ones to watch as they continue to make a huge impact this year.

Official single cover artwork for "Let Me Out" by HAPPY LANDING which sees a blue background with a yellow crayon drawing of a cityscape with a crescent moon shining above.

To support their new music, HAPPY LANDING are currently on a year-round tour and we believe there will be more dates to come. You can buy tickets by visiting their official website and following the links provided.


  • April 27 – Jupiter, FL – Guanababas
  • May 2 – Charleston, SC – Music Farm
  • May 4 – Charlotte, NC – Lovin’ Life Music Fest
  • June 6 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl @ Center Stage
  • June 7 – Birmingham, AL – Avondale Brewing Co.
  • June 20 – Hamilton, OH – Riversedge Amphitheater
  • June 22 – Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest
  • July 21 – Nantucket, MA – The Gaslight
  • July 25-27 – Floyd, Virginia – FloydFest
  • August 1-3 – Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza
  • August 2 – Cedarburg, WI – Summer Sounds at Cedar Creek Park
  • September 13 – Stovall, MS – Mighty Roots Festival
  • January 26-31 – Miami, FL – The Rock Boat

With their third studio EP released, HAPPY LANDING continues to captivate audiences out on tour with their signature blend of genres and heartfelt lyricism. Their latest single just goes to show how committed they are to their music and we’re excited to watch the incredible things that 2024 brings them.

“Let Me Out”, by HAPPY LANDING, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. We highly suggest you check out their other music releases and go and see them perform live at one of their shows. They plan to release a brand new album later this year.

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